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Telefunken Introduces New ELA M 260 Tube Mic Stereo Sets

The new Telefunken Elektroakustik ELA M 260 Tube Microphone Stereo Set configured for recording guitar.

Telefunken Elektroakustik of South Windsor, Conn., is offering the ELA M 260 tube microphone Stereo Set, comprising three capsules for each microphone, plus one dual power supply and flight case. Each microphone in the Stereo Set features three capsules (260 cardioid, 261 omni-directional, and 262 hypercardioid); the new M 960S provides power to both microphones from a single power supply.

The microphones also feature NOS Telefunken EF732 vacuum tubes and custom audio transformers. They are offered in the same “flint gray” finish made popular by the R-F-T AR-51.

Also included are two 25-foot Gotham Audio GAC7 tube microphone cables with right-angle XLR connectors, two wooden microphone jewel boxes, two shock-mounts, and a flight case.

The ELA M 260 Stereo Field Recording Set has interchangeable capsules, a Novuscell 20-hour rechargeable battery pack, a charger and accessories.

For the Decca Tree style of recording for film and classical music, Telefunken offers the ELA M 260 Tri-Mono Recording Set with three mics; a 3-channel, two-rackspace power supply; and three interchangeable capsules for each microphone.

Gotham Audio first introduced the stereo set in 1958 as a package for the Neumann U-47 and U-48 microphones that were distributed in the U.S.

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