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TerraTec Producer AXON AX 100 MK II Now Shipping

In addition to substantial mechanical improvements, the new AXON 100 MK II ($699) offers a user-friendly computer interface and the AXON Soundboard, which boasts more than 500 new sample layer sounds, including 10 powerful drum kits and an SFX kit. All sounds are both general MIDI- and XG-sound compatible.The device offers 128 voices, providing plenty of polyphonic power for even very large program layers. Also included is a promo DVD with example sounds and a demo show featuring New York’s Burr Johnson.

Housed in a one HU rackmount chassis, the ultra-fast guitar-to-MIDI controller sports an early recognition system that analyzes impulses as the string is struck and converts data determining pitch, dynamics and duration without loss. A 32-bit RISC processor does this in real time.

AXON AX100 MK II is able to access 256 onboard presets comprising 128 freely programmable user presets and 128 factory presets directly, as well as outboard sound generators such as samplers and synthesizers. The integrated Arpeggiator endows the device’s sonic arsenal with another powerful sound-sculpting feature, and optional pedals and switches may be connected to add effects and extend the tonal palette.

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