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Tonelux Introduces Tilt 8-Channel Tone Control

The popular Tilt equalizers from Tonelux’s MP1a preamplifier modules are now available in a stand-alone, 8-channel rackmount version. The Tilt circuit offers a clever solution to tonal shaping and equalization that gets results quickly, requiring only the turn of a single rotary knob.

All inputs and outputs are balanced +4 dBu, with two 25-pin D-Sub connectors each carrying eight channels of I/O; for convenience, channels 1 and 2 also have XLR in/out jacks. In addition to the Tilt control, each of the eight channels on the single-rackspace front panel has individual switches for polarity (phase) reverse and EQ in/out, along with signal presence and overload LEDs.

Each of the eight channels has a Tilt control with 6 dB of cut or boost at a center frequency of approximately 650 Hz. However, unlike a typical shelving filter design, the Tilt control simultaneously cuts low frequencies below the center point while it’s boosting high frequencies, and vice versa when the knob is turned in a counterclockwise direction. While boosting frequencies the user wants to emphasize, Tilt will cut others that may be unneeded.

Tonelux Tilt EQ curve chart

The effect of the Tilt equalization is shown in the “Tonelux ‘Tilt’ Control” chart. Here, a full clockwise rotation of the Tilt control results in the purple response; the full counter-clockwise action is indicated by the red curve.

The unit has an MSRP of $2,450. For more information, visit Tonelux at