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Tony Maserati Chooses Tannoy Ellipse 10 iDP Speaker System

Using Tannoy’s Ellipse 10 iDP speaker system, mix engineer Tony Maserati (pictured) recently mixed two songs for the new John Legend album, Once Again, as well as new material for Dutch rock artist, Anouk.

“The Ellipses give me the low-end representation that I need,” Maserati says, “plus, they have an extended top end, and because they’re powered, they’re even more consistent.

“Because they’re slightly more hi-fi than the [Tannoy] DMT12s and other reference monitors, these Ellipses are great for detailing, which helps when I’m doing my riding, particularly with guitars; they have an extended top end that you can control really nicely. An internal microprocessor helps you control your balances really well.”

“I was having a hard time finding the speaker that would allow me to do the kind of detailing that I need to do nowadays,” Maserati continues. “Some of the music I was mixing early on, like Mary J. Blige, was kick, snare, hi-hat, bass, guitar and vocals. Now, even Mary has some pretty lush things going on. The tracks are much thicker, so the detailing is much greater. These Ellipse monitors really help with that, when I really need to dig deep into the mix to get the right levels on every little thing.”

Maserati also completed a mix for JC Chasez on the Ellipse system, and is currently working with a new artist, Kerli, in his Una Volta Studio. “The Ellipse 10 iDPs are the main speakers, the studio’s based around them,” he says.

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