Tools of the Trade

API 8200 The new API ( 8200 mixer provides eight inputs, each with level control to the stereo bus, pan and two auxiliary sends per channel, all in a single-rackspace unit.

API 8200

The new API ( 8200 mixer provides eightinputs, each with level control to the stereo bus, pan and twoauxiliary sends per channel, all in a single-rackspace unit. The 8200is designed to operate with one or more API 7600 Input Modules and the7800 Master Module to create a custom, easily expandable portableconsole. Each channel uses API 2510 op amps, and includes a balancedinput, balanced insert point, and front-panel Mute and Solo switches.Price: $1,995.


Sonic Studio LLC ( is now shipping the CD.1, aprofessional CD-R imaging device with matched media that is optimizedspecifically for music mastering. The new drive, with 1x and 2xburning, features a customized TEAC 512 in a fortified andshock-mounted rack enclosure. Drive mods include an upgradedquartz-crystal oscillator (instead of the standard ceramic) and a lasertuned for use with a specially formulated, Sonic Studio-branded TaiyoYuden media. Price: $2,495.


Eventide announced the availability of fully functional,time-limited demos, downloadable from The demo includes theOmnipressor, H910, H949, Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger plug-insfor Digidesign Pro Tools TDM systems. During the seven-day-trialdemonstration period, users will enjoy unrestricted use of all fiveplug-ins until the demo period is over. Further use will requirepurchasing the software, which is available through authorized Eventidedealers worldwide. [See the review in Mix, July 2003.]


This new audio editor for the PC platform operates at up to24-bit/96k, is surround-capable (5.1) and offers 64 tracks. It comeswith seven built-in plug-ins, including several 3-D sound effects and aroom simulator. DirectX, DMO and VST plug-in support allow for addedfunctionality, while ASIO 2.0 driver support provides low latency inplayback and recording, and hardware versatility. Video-referencedediting supports playback and audio extraction from five video formats,as well as saving to AVI. Windows Media Audio 9 and WMA9 Pro fileencoding are also fully supported, while AC-3 and AAC encode/decode canbe purchased as an option. Price: $399.99; AC-3 module, $299; AAC,$499. See more at


For those of you with an insatiable hunger for hard drives, StorCase( introduces the new 14-bay,three-rack-unit InfoStation. Each enclosure supports up to 14low-profile SCSI Ultra320 SCA drives, and is downward-compatible withearlier SCSI Wide technologies. The enclosures are constructed ofcorrosion-resistant steel, and each includes two redundant powersupplies, two variable-speed fan modules, and 14 removable and lockingdrive carriers, all hot-swappable. The User-Interface Module on thecenter of the unit provides feedback on chassis configurations andcommunication status, and adds an RS-232 connection for environmentalmonitoring, configuration and control. Prices start at $2,695.


Disc Makers ( released Mac OS X-compatible CDand DVD duplication and printing systems. The MacElites feature aneasy-to-use interface that allows users to design disc-label artwork,copy CDs and DVDs, and archive images of frequently copied titles totheir hard drive. The systems include a 2,400-dpi inkjet disc printer,and are available in configurations ranging from one to four CD-R orDVD-R drives. Prices start at $3,990.


Especially useful in surround situations, the new ARC frames fromOmniMount ( enclose the monitor on foursides and are held together by a dual set of aircraft-quality cables,with a unique tensioning block. From there, wall, ceiling or tripodmounting is available with the well-known OmniMount clamp, jaw and ballassembly. The five available kit sizes will handle some of the smallestmonitors, up to the largest, including loads of 250 pounds. Price:$219.95 to $319.95.


Now available for Pro Tools, the TC Tools 3.6 bundle from TC Works( comprises the Mega Reverb,Chorus/Delay and EQsat plug-ins. Operating at up to 96k, the plugs tapinto, and even improve upon, the TC Electronic M5000 processor's coretechnology. The plug-ins will work on both HD and 24 MIX systems (MacOS X and Windows XP), and use an iLok for authorization. TC Tools isdistributed by Digidesign (


Audio designer Frank De Medio ( has recently releasedthe DME103 dual-channel mic preamp. Capable of providing up to 67 dB ofgain at a frequency response from 10-50k Hz, the unit features afour-position attenuator, continuously variable gain, individuallyswitchable phantom power and large illuminated VU meters. The unit hasbalanced outputs, and is available directly from De Medio in SunValley, Calif. Price: $2,500.


This past summer, Yamaha ( released the nextgeneration of the SPX line of multi-effects processors. The unitfeatures the interface and programs that so many of us are used to, butnow, Yamaha has added 24-bit/96k operation, advanced navigation, anadvanced REV-X reverb algorithm and more. Analog I/O is provided forvia XLR and ¼-inch connectors, both with a +4dBU/-10dBu selectorswitch, while digital I/O is AES/EBU (XLR). There is also wordclockinput (BNC), MIDI In/Out/Thru, and USB connectors for remote controland data management using computers, digital consoles or any MIDIdevice. A foot-switch connector for effects tempo control is located onthe front panel. In the works for an October release is across-platform (Mac and PC) editor that will allow manipulation andstorage of programs and parameters offline.


This new, low-profile, 2-D, RPG-signature diffusor is now availablein an easy-to-install version for the project studio. Suitable foreither wall or ceiling applications, the diffusor comes in either whiteor gray, is 23⅝ inches square and 4¼ inches deep and comestwo to a box for $200. Visit for a full dealer list.


Ultimate Sound Bank (dist. by Ilio, has rolled out the all-new Plugsound1.8 family of sample libraries. Version 1.8 features a new graphicalinterface and a built-in Reverb function. The line consists of sixvolumes including Keyboards, Fretted Instruments, Drums &Percussion, Hip Hop Toolkit, Synth Collection and Global Plugsound.Each library is compatible with a Macintosh and Windows-based PC, andcan be purchased individually for $99, or as a specially pricedsix-volume box set for just $499.


Event ( has rolled out its new flagshipmonitor, the Studio Precision 8. The new monitor features an 8-inch,low-frequency driver; a 1-inch, soft-dome HF tweeter; and comes ineither passive or active versions. The active 8s are powered by 200watts on the low end and 80 watts on the high, and feature continuouslyvariable low- and high-frequency trim controls, a continuously variableinput-sensitivity control and a switchable 80Hz highpass filter. Duallarge-diameter bass ports reside on the front, and connection is madevia balanced XLR or ¼-inch inputs.

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Studer ( adds another notch to its broadcastbelt with the release of the OnAir 500, a compact console designed forsmall, live, on-air applications and for outside broadcast operations.The OnAir 500 features six channel faders, two master faders, anintegrated routing system, and comprehensive monitoring and talkbackfacilities for control room and studio. The integral power supply maybe backed up by an external 24-volt DC supply, ensuring continuity ofprogramming and easy mobile use. The OnAir 500 integrates easily withStuder's DigiMedia broadcast system and the RCS Master Controlautomation system.


Mackie Designs ( announced the release of UAD-1Version 3.1 software and the availability of a new Powered Plug-In: theCambridge EQ. Version 3.1 enables multicard support on the Macintoshplatform and compatibility for the Cambridge EQ on both Macintosh- andWindows-based systems. Cambridge is a new a 5-band, fully parametric EQfeaturing a wide variety of filter types and curves.


Minnetonka Audio Software ( has announced a new encoder forDolby Pro Logic II, which allows broadcasters, game developers andaudio professionals to easily encode surround sound intostereo-delivery formats. Currently available as a stand-alone,Windows-based application, it will soon be available as a standard VSTplug-in, allowing it to be used on a number of popular DAWs. Allversions are $495.


Furman Sound ( has released the new SRM-80Asignal router/monitor. The new unit provides the flexibility andcapabilities of a large-format console's monitor section in asingle-rack-unit device. The SRM provides signal routing and monitoringfor four stereo mixdown devices, and three sets of studio monitorsand/or headphone amps. The unit simplifies bouncing of stereo infobetween formats via its Source Select switches, and offers stereometering on the front panel. Price: $699.


MaxVision Corporation ( has released the new MaxPac8020MPro Audio transportable workstation. The 8020M is a full-performance,shock-mounted, Pentium 4 desktop workstation specifically designed formobile use. The unit provides the necessary PCI slots, high-performancedual hard disk (up to 290 GB), DVD/CD-RW burner and a brilliant 17-inchdisplay, in less than 27 pounds and 1 cubic foot of space. Prices startat $5,000.


The ATC-2 is a dual-channel mic preamp, compressor and 4-band EQdesigned by Trident Audio founder Malcom Toft. Each channel in thetwo-rackspace unit is switchable between mic and line input, andincludes phantom power, a polarity switch and a direct input. PrimaryI/O connection is via balanced XLR or TRS. The EQ section features twosweepable mid-bands, while the low and high bands are shelving with twoselectable frequencies per band. A lowpass filter fixed at 50 Hz isalso included for each channel. The FET compressor has adjustableAttack, Release, Ratio and Gain, and can function independently or belinked for stereo operation. Price: $1,299.99. Toft Audio isdistributed by PMI Audio Group,


SE ( has just released theC2s, an 1176-type FET dual-channel compressor/limiter that has“pro” written all over it. The unit features discreteClass-A design, balanced I/O, a relay hardware bypass and gold XLR,switch contacts and internal connections. The front panel sports Input,Output, Attack, Release and Ratio controls, along with two dual-purpose“rainbow” meters that let the user judge gain reduction andoutput at the same time. SE is now distributed by Wave Distribution.Price: $2,495.


The new 820DSP from Alesis ( features an 8-inch Kevlar wooferand a 1-inch, silk-dome tweeter powered by an 80-watt and 40-watt amp,respectively. The monitor features adjustable digital parametric EQthat can be altered onboard via the built-in LCD, or from a computer.The included software offers control of up to 16 ProLinear 820DSPs,storage of user settings and modeling of various monitor types. Price:$1,499/pair.


It's not a free lunch, but it's certainly bigger and less expensivethan its predecessor: The new API ( 5006B includes its own built-inpower supply and is designed to accommodate six API 500 Series modules,including the 512C mic preamp, 525 compressor/limiter, 550B switchableEQ and 560 graphic EQ. Price: $495.


SCOPE Fusion users will jump for joy at the news that CreamWare ( ported three new plug-ins for the platform. First, the B-2003, a B3emulator that accurately models key clicks, tone wheels, percussion androtating-speaker effects. Next, the Sequential Circuits Pro-One(remember that?) keyboard, including the original step sequencer andarpeggiator. And rounding out the hat trick is the Interpole filterfrom the Minimax synth. Price: TBA.