Tools of the Trade

OXFORD EQ FOR TC WORKS Sony's Oxford EQs are now available as a plug-in for TC Works' PowerCore card. These EQs feature identical algorithms to those


Sony's Oxford EQs are now available as a plug-in for TC Works' PowerCore card. These “Oxford-quality” EQs feature identical algorithms to those in Sony's R3 console and the OXF-R3 plug-in for Pro Tools. The 5-band parametric design offers selectable shelf settings on low- and high-frequency sections and low- and high-frequency filters providing up to 36dB/octave slopes. Four selectable EQ types are available, with support for sample rates up to 96 kHz. The plug-in is fully automatable (including separate automation for A and B settings); six plug-ins are included for optimal DSP usage (mono and stereo versions of EQ, filters, and EQ and filters). Retail price is around $490; check out a demo or purchase the plug-ins at


DPA Microphones ( introduces the 4015 and 4016 Wide-Cardioid Microphones. Designed to offer a brilliant sound in close-miking applications and a linear response in the diffuse field, the 4015 has a linear frequency response from 40-20k Hz. Both the 4015 and 4016 are transformerless and capable of handling 158dB peaks before clipping. An additional 10dB headroom can be obtained by choosing the 4016 paired with the HMA4000 2-channel High-Voltage Microphone Amplifier.


Digidesign ( and Rocket Network ( introduce DigiDelivery, a new product available from that allows users to quickly and securely send any type of files (Pro Tools sessions, video, graphics, text, etc.) to anyone with an e-mail address. All Digi-Deliveries are automatically encrypted. Digi-Studio Control 2.6 with the new Digi-Delivery functionality is available to both current and new DigiStudio users as a free download. Users pay for the Digi-Delivery service on a per-use basis; pricing is based on file size and number of recipients for each delivery.


PreSonus ( debuts FireStation, a recording interface for DAWs that connects to recording software via a high-speed FireWire connection. Incorporating Yamaha's new mLAN FireWire recording/audio-networking protocol, FireStation accommodates hundreds of channels of digital audio and MIDI on one network connection and promises to be compatible with many Mac and PC software packages. FireStation features eight channels of analog I/O, 8-channel ADAT and S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O and an integrated 10-channel analog mixer. In addition, FireStation has two dual-servo preamps with a switchable “Tube” circuit, two ¼-inch instrument inputs, 48-volt phantom power, -10dB input pads, control room and headphone outs, and wordclock I/O via BNC connectors. The unit is expandable to 48 channels of I/O. Price: $899.95.


AEA's new R78 ribbon microphone continues in the tradition of the RCA 44, whose sensual sound has long been the standard for voice work. The R78 is a dedicated figure-8 ribbon microphone optimized for close vocal work, voice-overs, character voice and on-air work, and has the comfortable, intimate clarity and extended bottom of the 44 in a smaller physical package with an extended top end. Options include a switchable highpass filter and Rycote “furry” wind filter. Available in “TV” finish (umber) or optional “Radio” finish (black and bright chrome). Price: $2,000.


New from Event is the EZ8 Optical Audio-Interface PCI card with ADAT Lightpipe I/O. Designed for use with the EZBus, EZ8 supports up to eight channels of 24-bit/48kHz recording and playback. The card also features an S/MUX mode, which allows simultaneous recording and playback of up to four channels of 24-bit/96kHz audio. The EZ8 is part of a suite of three audio devices, collectively known as the EZBus Audio System Plus, comprising the EZBus, the EMP-8 8-channel digital mic preamp and the EZ8. When used with an EZBus, the EZ8 greatly expands the number of discrete tracks users can simultaneously record and play back. EZ8 lists at $199, including two 2-meter optical cables.


Minnetonka Audio ( introduces discWelder Steel, an entry-level DVD-Audio writing program. For $495, users can import all linear-PCM formats supported in the DVD-A specification; surround and stereo tracks may be used on the same disc; and a discWelder-burned disc will play on any DVD-A player that supports DVD-R. This Windows-based program also lets users edit the titles of the disc, group and tracks. Users requiring higher-level authoring and editing features such as menu options, background images, slides, MLP import and others not offered in discWelder Steel should check out discWelder Chrome ($2,495), Minnetonka's full-featured DVD-Audio authoring program.


MOTU ( and Mackie Designs ( have teamed up to develop hands-on hardware control for Digital Performer. The new Mackie Control automated, touch-sensitive hardware control surface is manufactured by Mackie, with custom user interface and software engineering for Digital Performer designed by MOTU. The unit offers nine 100mm, motorized, touch-sensitive, 1,024-step Penny & Giles faders, with programmable rotary V-Pots on each channel strip, along with Mute, Solo, Select and Rec/Ready buttons and dedicated assignment buttons that provide access to mixing parameters such as EQ, dynamics, I/O configuration and plug-ins. A large, backlit LED strip displays channel settings and plug-in parameters, and channel- and bank-switching buttons provide access to any track. Transport, zoom, scrub and shuttle mode buttons, along with a large ergonomic jog/shuttle wheel, control transport and zooming/locating features. LEDs provide instant visual location reference in bars/beats or SMPTE frame time. In addition, the MOTU design team has taken advantage of new functions in Digital Performer 3.1, including enhanced track-grouping features, temporary track groups and enhanced transport modes. Mackie Control is expected to ship this quarter; price TBA.


Steinberg ( releases Dolby Digital Encoder and DTS-encoder plug-ins for Nuendo. The Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder is licensed by Dolby Laboratories and has all of the features of the original Dolby hardware. It supports encoded bit rates from 56 to 640 kbps and channel configurations from mono to 5.1-channel surround sound. All settings originally invented by Dolby Laboratories are included with the Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder. The DTS-encoding process has also been licensed to Steinberg; encoding is integrated as DTS file format in Nuendo's export dialog, and necessary routines are all automated for ease in encoding. The DTS-encoded audio can be saved as a .WAV file to burn a 5.1 mix directly to CD. Both encoders are available this quarter.


The GNX3™ Guitar Workstation from DigiTech ( combines a hands-free, 8-track digital recorder with a Multi-Modeling floor processor, and features a 44.1kHz sampling rate and 24-bit AD/DA converters. The system offers 16 guitar amp models, three bass amp models, 15 cabinet models, 10 distortion stomp box models, built-in drum machine, JamMan™, Delay Looper, Whammy™, Learn-a-Lick™, advanced CIT™ Cabinet-Imaging Technology, pickup simulator and additional studio-quality effects. I/Os include guitar and XLR mic inputs, analog and S/PDIF digital outputs, full MIDI implementation and a built-in programmable expression pedal.


Quik-Lok Musical Instrument Stands ( offers the new range of Zeenith Series Rapid Setup Pro “Z” Keyboard Structures. Heavy-duty single and double-tier Zeenith keyboard stands can support 250 pounds, lock into playing position in seconds and feature a main tier adjustable to 13 height positions. The single-tier Z-71 is priced at $199.95; the two-tier Z-72 is $299.95; and the Z-2 Add-On Tier Set is $99.95.


Applied Research and Technology ( is now the U.S. distributor for the Alto line of analog and digital products. The Alto AlphaVerb features a wide range of studio and live reverb algorithms, developed by the Alto software team over the past seven years. AlphaComp is a dual-band digital stereo compressor/limiter with presets. Other Alto products include high-power, all-digital stereo power amps, crossovers, digital EQs, graphic EQs, half-rack tube mic preamps and much more.


CAD ( has introduced its new Global Audio line of condenser microphones, including the M37, a single-pattern, side-address mic designed for demanding professional recording and broadcast applications. Featuring a 1-inch, gold-sputtered single diaphragm and an externally biased condenser capsule capable of handling 143dB SPL (with pad), the M37 also includes transformerless, balanced output circuits, a 20dB non-capacitive pad and stainless-steel internal pop filter. MSRP is $159. Other cardioid-only models in the line include the GXL2200 and GXL2400 large-diameter condensers ($109 and $129, respectively) and the $99 compact GXL1200.


Galaxy Audio ( has introduced the Check Mate CM100 SPL meter, a compact, IEC 651 Type-II, sound pressure-level meter. Accurate to within ±1.5 dB, the Check Mate offers three selectable ranges (35-80, 50-100, 80-130dB SPL), A and C weighting, a Max/Min function and a frequency range of 31.5-8k Hz. The unit includes an electret condenser microphone, level range display and offers an AC signal output. The Check Mate will operate for up to 50 hours on an alkaline 9-volt battery and is supplied with owner's manual, 9V battery and windscreen. Price is $149.99.


The Panoram Technologies ( PV230 DSK display features three connected image panels providing 2.4 Megapixels of screen space, with a fully articulated swing arm and Digital Direct DVI inputs. The three image panels feature a separation of only 11 mm, making it easy to expand information across the three screens without any detrimental visual breaks; the display accommodates RGB and DVI computer sources, as well as composite and S-video inputs. In addition, an adjustable, ergonomically tuned swing arm lets the user set the display at the correct working angle; cable management for data, video and power cables is built into the arm.


Microboards Technology ( announced it is now shipping the CopyWriter Tower 40x CD duplicator product line. Configurable with anywhere from two to eight recorders, the CopyWriter Tower comes with a built-in reader, letting the user make up to eight copies simultaneously from a single master. In addition, the CopyWriter Pro version comes with an integrated hard drive and custom interface module for access to features such as speed selectability, image archival and track extraction for the creation of customized audio CDs. Retail pricing starts at $1,595.