Tools of the Trade

HHB PORTADRIVE DOCKING STATION A new accessory for HHB's Portadrive location sound recorder (dist. by Sennheiser USA, is the PDRDSUF USB 2.0/FireWire docking station.


A new accessory for HHB's Portadrive location sound recorder ( Sennheiser USA, is the PDRDSUF USB2.0/FireWire docking station. The device accepts the Portadrive'sremovable HD caddy via a front panel slot for fast file transfers toMac- and PC-based post-production systems independent of thePortadrive. The PDRDSUF includes a universal power supply for operationanywhere in the world, and ships with USB and FireWire cables. Price:$349.


The RME ( ADI-2 is a compact, flexible2-channel AD/DA converter. The 9.5-inch unit offers AD/DA conversionacross S/PDIF, AES and ADAT formats at up to 192 kHz. Features includebalanced stereo line inputs (via two Neutrik Combo jacks), a six-LEDmeter, a variable headphone output, and separate XLR and ¼-inchstereo line outputs. Also standard is RME's Steadyclock for low jitterperformance. The unit comes with an external switching power supply andan additional internal switching power supply or it will run onstandard or rechargeable batteries.


Neutrik's ( “AA” Series offemale XLR chassis connectors offer an improved design at a lower cost.The series features a larger surface contact, gold plating at thecontact mating area and exact drop-in (panel cutout and PCB layout)compatibility with comparable “A” Series part numbers. Itslow-contact resistance ensures high-contact pressure for addeddurability.


New from Muse Research, Receptor lets users run VST plug-ins on ahardware package. This two-rackspace unit with a custom front panelinterface includes audio I/O, MIDI I/O and a hard drive pre-loaded withplug-ins, with plenty of space for adding your favorites. A growinglist of developers (including Fxpansion, Native Instruments andOhmForce) have announced support for the Receptor platform. For acomplete list of supporting companies and more info, visit


Sonic Studio, LLC ( has started shipping the firstunits in its new DSD/SACD product line. The Sonic Studio DSD.1 systemcombines the powerful Sonic Studio editing and mastering environmentwith the emerging standard for music recording and delivery, DirectStream Digital and Super Audio CD. Pricing starts at $7,995.


HALion and EXS24 owners can add new thump to their sonic palettewith Musicman Stingray and Fender Precision sampled basses from Wizoo( The new VIs are sampledchromatically and offer a multitude of techniques and playing styles,including two positions with three to six velocity zones, dead notesand harmonics, half-tone and whole-tone slide ups, slide downs,hammer-ons and pull-offs. Even incidental noise produced by frets,hands and slides are captured for utmost authenticity. All packagesfeature an array of programs with rich playing options such as MIDI keytriggers, pedal switches and construction kits. Seven variations of thevirtual basses are available.


This $169 AGP graphics card from Matrox ( lets PC-based audio pros usemultiple RGB or DVI monitors on their rigs. The card offers 64 MB ofDDR memory, AGP 8x support, a fanless design, fully symmetricdual-display capabilities and dual-display color calibration. The stockoperating mode is DualHead, but the unit can easily be upgraded toTripleHead operation by purchasing an upgrade kit ($90). The driverssupport Windows 2000/XP/NT or Linux.


The rackmount SB-1000 uninterruptible power supply from Furman ( is specifically designed forlive sound and studio applications, with a generous 1,000VA/600-wattcapacity, a current overload alarm that activates at 10 amps totalcapacity and an additional alarm when in battery backup mode. The$699.95 SB-1000 provides a three-minute backup with a 5-amp RMS load,and 32 minutes of backup with a typical computer/monitor load. Whenused as a computer system backup, a standard UTP-RJ45 network jackallows for automatic save and shutdown of critical applications. Theunit has five AC outlets, four for backup, with a 5-amp total load andone bypass outlet.


Bravo II from Primera Technology ( offers automated production of upto 25 CDs or DVDs per job (50 discs with kiosk mode). The unit features2,400 to 4,800 dpi print resolution, precise AccuDisc disc picking anda USB 2.0 interface with performance said to be 20% faster thanFireWire. The CD model is $2,195; the DVD version is $2,695.


Designed by John Oram, the LS101 monitors from Oram ( two 5-inch LF/MF drivers and a 1-inch dome tweeter for a 30-22kHz response. The magnetically shielded, passive cherry-veneer cabinetsallow for bi-amplification, measure 17×12×7 inches and weigh20 pounds each. Price: $799/pair.


The AMP2-S8MDA from Wohler Technologies ( istargeted toward broadcasters who are seeking multichannel monitoringand conversion in the HD domain. The AMP2-S8MDA is a two-rackspace boxthat features eight tri-color LED bargraphs, front panelgroup/channel-select and Wohler's AMP Series self-powered speakersystem. The unit accepts two SDI inputs on BNCs (either HD-SDI orSD-SDI) and provides powerful demuxing capabilities with eight channelsof analog and AES audio out demuxed from the HD/SD-SDI inputs. Price:$6,950.


The new H3000 Band Delays plug-in from Eventide ( isderived from the popular Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer effectsprocessor. The H3k plug brings a bit of the old, yet offers plenty offresh thinking by providing hot keys that offer four top-level editingcontrols and eight tempo-based delays, each with programmable resonantfilters and independent panning controls.


Discrete's $99 Eric Darken Collection comprises entirely newpercussion loops not included in any other set. Eric Darken blendssounds from traditional percussion instruments with his arsenal of“found” percussion elements, such as curtain rod,briefcase, humidifier, laundry basket, door slam and many others. Thetwo-disc set (one CD-ROM of 16-bit/44.1k .WAV files and an audio CD forreference) features all percussion elements on separate tracks,enabling users to mix their own loops. Pre-mixed stereo loop files arealso included in Normal and Whacked modes. Hear it at


Any book that demystifies Emagic Logic is a good thing, and Logic6 Power! from Muska & Lipman Publishing ( claims to do just that.Written by Orren Merton (who helps moderate the Logic User Group), the$29.99, 450-page book offers a reference to the most commonly usedfeatures of the latest version of Logic, explaining them simply andthoroughly.


SpectrumWorx from Delaydots is a $99 new modular effect processorplug-in that works exclusively in the frequency domain. The plug-inincludes up to 2,048 bands of frequency processing, a switchableeight-slot mono sampler, different plug-in signal flow modes and apreset library. The plug requires Windows 9x/XP/NT/2000, an 800MHz orfaster CPU (SSE compatibility recommended), 128MB RAM and aVST-compatible host application. Download a demo version at


Version 1.2 of the Cambridge series audio restoration andnoise-suppression processors from CEDAR ( features a new Adaptive FilterPack that forms the basis of the CEDAR Cambridge Forensic System. Newprocesses include Declickle, a combined declicker/decrackler; the NR-4dehisser, offering the latest incarnation of CEDAR's noise-free EQ;Declip, a genuine de-clipping algorithm that identifies and removesmost instances of clipping in a single real-time pass; and DNS toeliminate broadband noise such as traffic and air conditioning.

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The NY-2A from Electro-Harmonix ( is a 2-channel tube studio compressorin a three-rackspace chassis. The unit features a choice of threeopto-coupler (slow incandescent, high-velocity clear LED orelectro-luminescent panel) light sources, Lundahl transformer I/O andVU, and EM80 “magic eye” output displays. Retail is$2,999.


For tight spots where traditional racks make servicing installedgear difficult, MAP ( offers the WR Series ofroll-out rotating racks. The WR units have a detachable rack framehoused in a 32-inch-deep protective host enclosure. Racks can be rolledout and rotated 60° for easy access to rear connections. Ampleknockouts on the rack sides allow ganging two or more racks, withcables passed between them. Available in 44- and 37RU heights, the unitholds up to 750 pounds of gear and has 26 inches of usable depth.

Eventide ( has begun shipping its newReverb and Octavox Harmonizer diatonic pitch-shifter plug-ins forPro Tools (Mac V. 5.1.3 or greater). Octavox ($595) is based on themultivoice pitch shifter from the Orville and is the first EventideHarmonizer eight-voice diatonic pitch-shifter plug-in…LynxStudio Technology now offers the latest Mac OS X support forall of its 24-bit, 196kHz digital audio interfaces. The OS X CoreAudiodrivers give complete software control over every aspect of the AES16and AES16-SRC, easing installation and use. All drivers are availablefor immediate and free download at www.lynxstudio.comGepco International( its 61801EZ single-pair audio cable line, nowavailable in 20 different colors with a new riser-rated PVC jacket,allowing more color-coding options and improved flexibility. New jacketcolors include lime green, tan, royal blue, plum and chrome, amongothers…Studer ( announces the availability ofVersion 3.3 software for its entire range of large-formatdigital consoles. The V. 3.3 software release is applicable to allthree consoles using the D950 processing core: the D950 M2, Vista 6 andVista 7. All three consoles benefit by having improved snapshotfacilities in Static mode, an Undo function for snapshot recall,snapshot crossfades over any interval up to 100 seconds and protectionagainst accidentally changing patched connections…SymbolicSound ( has announced that Kyma Xis now shipping. Kyma X delivers more than 70 breakthrough featuresincluding a new look, a 432-page book of never-before-documented Kymasecrets, a new editor where users can create their own tools and addthem to the Tools menu and substantial changes in the underlyingstructure that make it possible for Kyma to run under Mac OS X andWindows XP and 2000 (while maintaining compatibility with OS 9, Win MEand Win 98)…The BOSS ( BR-1600CD Digital RecordingStudio is now shipping. It's capable of recording up to eight XLRor ¼-inch inputs simultaneously and playing back 16 tracks ofdigital audio. The BR-1600CD ($1,595) comes loaded with COSM modelingeffects, a Vocal Tool Box, a 40GB hard drive, CD-RW drive, USB andmore.