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Acoustical Solutions Isolation Clips

Those looking to build a wall with outstanding isolation will be interested in AlphaResilient Isolation Clips from Acoustical Solutions ( The clips attach to an existing wall with a rubber interface that holds an aluminum crossbar, which can be used to attach a second piece of drywall. This creates an acoustically isolated second wall using a minimal amount of space. Used with the AudioSeal Sound Barrier (1⁄8 inch thick and 1 pound/square foot), a Sound Transmission Class rating of 60 can be achieved.

Yamaha Y96K dsp Card
Co-developed by Yamaha ( and Waves, Y96K is an add-on dedicated DSP card in Mini-YGDAI format for Yamaha digital mixers and workstations, reducing the need for outboard processors. The $1,149 Y96K uses two DSP56K devices, providing 2 billion DSP operations per second and includes ADAT Lightpipe fiber-optic digital I/O. Each installed card supports up to eight (44.1/48 kHz) or four (88.2/96 kHz) effects chains across eight channels of ADAT I/O. Included Waves software offers reverb, delay, compression, EQ, de-essing and limiting.

M-Audio Revolution 5.1
Waiting for affordable hi-res? M-Audio’s ( $99 Revolution 5.1 PC/Mac soundcard brings surround audio to the home computer, and features six simultaneous discrete outs (5.1) on three 1⁄8-inch stereo jacks at up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution. A S/PDIF digital out provides Dolby Digital and DTS passthrough to a capable decoder. A control panel handles bass management and other adjustments, and the package includes SRS TruSurround XT and SRS Circle Surround II.

Hercules 16/12 FW
Sure to please any audio god in search of high-resolution I/O, the 16/12 FW from Hercules ( is a FireWire, 24-bit/96kHz, 16-in/12-out audio and MIDI PC/Mac interface. It has twin mic/DI preamps with phantom power on Neutrik Combo jacks, 12 analog and four digital inputs, eight analog and four digital outputs, two MIDI I/Os, word clock input and a full driver package for Mac OS X and Windows (ASIO, GSIF, .WAV and DirectSound). It’s compatible with a variety of third-party software and is bundled with Arturia’s STORM Version 2.0 and Ableton Live Special Edition. Price: $899.

Rolls MX152 MixMate
For light mixing duties, the Rolls ( MX152 is an economical half-rackspace unit that accepts two microphone and three stereo inputs. A variety of features—such as phantom power, input summing and channel ducking—is switchable via a series of six DIP switches. Price: $130.

Submersible DrumCore
To create pro drum tracks fast, Submersible Music’s Drumcore library system has two DVDs of audio and MIDI content created by renowned drummers. Features include a content search engine, a MIDI drum module, ReWire and Core Audio support, and easy exportability to Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer and Logic. It’s $249 direct from

URS Everything Bundle
The first to design a plug-in to perfectly map to Digidesign’s ICON D-Control Master EQ section, URS ( has released the Everything Bundle V. 3.0. The new package is compatible with Pro Tools OS X and OS 9, TDM, HD Accel, HD and 24|Mix systems (Versions 5 and 6); offers full Windows XP support; 192kHz support for TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite; and support for all Digi interfaces and control surfaces. Prices: $2,299 (TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite) or $1,199 (native).

Waves Version 5 Plug-Ins
Version 5 is a major upgrade for Waves’ ( product line, offering HTDM support for all plugs, mono-to-stereo operation for Native plugs and Windows XP TDM support for 360° Surround Tools. Automatic latency compensation is supported when used with Pro Tools TDM 6.4. A new advanced compiler provides faster GUI operation and a dramatically faster interface response. Version 5 supports Mac OS X, Windows XP and 2000.

This twin-rackspace, 8-channel preamp from SM Pro Audio ( features eight analog XLR balanced I/Os and an optional ADAT Lightpipe out. The unit features a 20dB pad, phantom power and polarity reversal on each channel, as well as -10dB 1⁄4-inch line outs and peak lights on every channel. Price: $299.

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Speck Electronics LiLo
The $8,490 LiLo desktop analog line mixer offers more than 100 balanced I/Os, mixing of 32 simultaneous line inputs, four aux sends, two stereo aux returns, transformer balanced outputs, and line and summing preamps on plug-in satellite boards for future upgrades. The unit is available from Speck ( or authorized dealers.

Minnetonka Pro Logic II Encoder
Minnetonka’s first encoder for the OS X platform, the new SurCode Dolby Pro Logic II accepts up to six 32, 44.1 or 48kHz PCM audio files in .WAV or .AIFF formats and then crunches the audio into an Lt/Rt file. Features include the ability to monitor source and encoded audio, and to individually mute and solo channels and specify start and stop points. The encoder is available direct from Minnetonka Audio ( and authorized SurCode dealers. Price: $495 (Mac and PC).

PSP ProZilla Plug-Ins
This new set of sound-shaping plugs is specifically written for the Plugzilla hardware VST plug-in player. All PSP ( plug-ins use 64-bit floating-point processing. The set comprises PSP AutoComp compressor, PSP EasyLimit limiter, PSP MasterQ parametric EQ, PSP MixPressor mastering compressor, PSP MixSaturator distortion emulator, PSP MS mid-side codec, PSP StereoController phase corrector, PSP StereoEnhancer and PSP VintageWarmer multiband compressor/limiter. Demo versions ship with each Plugzilla. Price: $599.

Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle
New for OS X (G4 and G5), the Nautilus bundle from Audio Ease ( has three plug-ins for RTAS, HTDM, MAS, AudioUnits and VST. The three plugs are RiverRun, a granular synth; PeriScope, a real-time graphic analyzer and phase-correction tool; and Deep Phase Nine, a phaser offering beat-locked sample and hold and up to 24 notches per channel. Improvements to the trio include extra automation features, support for surround formats and extended sample rates. Price: $299, or upgrade for $99.95.

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Korg TP-2 Tube Preamp/Compressor
Korg’s ( TP-2 is a compact dual-tube preamp/DI with optical compression and coaxial/optical S/PDIF out. Also available as a user-installable option (TPB-2) for its D32XD and D16XD recorders, both versions feature twin 12AX7 tubes, XLR and 1⁄4-inch TRS inputs, stereo linking and phantom power/phase/low-cut/hi-Z switches on each channel.

Kirk Hunter Library
Composers will love this new affordable GigaStudio library from Kirk Hunter ( The library, titled Strings/Brass/Winds, is programmed so the composer can work by choosing from easy-to-read .gig files arranged by vibrato intensity, nonsustained, or combinations and effects. Single-layer Gig instruments are contained in each file, letting users quickly create custom templates. The 180GB library retails at $995.

MusicLab MIDIoverLAN CP
Smoothing cross-platform communication for audio production, MIDIoverLAN CP lets MIDI applications work together locally and on a network (PC and Mac). A single mouse click transforms a MIDI device into a multiclient device. Suggested systems: Windows XP SP1, 4 2GHz Pentium, 512MB RAM; and Mac OS X 10.3, 800MHz G4, 512MB RAM. Pricing is $129/$199/$299 for two/four/eight computers. Download a free trial at

Zero-X BeatQuantizer
This stand-alone audio slicer/dicer for the PC (98/Me/2000/XP) uses time stretchers and crossfade tools to automatically mask the gaps and smooth the overlaps caused by the quantizing process. Version 1.2 adds an improved GUI and new options including real-time gain, improved keyboard shortcuts, improved MIDI export, mute and solo functions, extended time signature support and more. Price: $250. Visit

WaveArts DSP Plug-Ins
Making plug-in processing more affordable are the Power Suite bundle and MultiDynamics from WaveArts ( MultiDynamics ($149) is a 6-band dynamics processor offering independent compression or expansion/gating per band. Other features include per-band bypass, solo and mute controls; mono/stereo operation; adjustable knees; and look-ahead. The $499 Power Suite bundle includes MultiDynamics; TrackPlug, a 10-band EQ/comp/gate; MasterVerb; WaveSurround spatial enhancer; and FinalPlug mastering limiter/volume maximizer.

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Equation Audio RP-20 ‘Phones
The first product from Equation Audio (, a new company formed by industry veteran Bruce Forbes, the RP-20 ($139 with two-year warranty) is a set of wideband (10-22k Hz, ±3 dB), circumaural studio headphones. The RP-20s feature high-output, 50mm neodymium dynamic transducers; fully adjustable swivel ear cups with user-replaceable cushions; a 9.8-foot, braided-jacket, tangle-free cable; and 32-ohm impedance.

AMS-Neve’s ( MMC12 was inadvertently omitted from our “Mid-Priced Consoles” article in the August Mix. Priced from around $120,000, the MMC-12 digital console combines a small-footprint 12-fader mix surface controlling up to 500 signal paths at 48 kHz or 250 signals at 96 kHz. Encore automation (compatible with the 88R and DFC) is standard, along with full surround monitoring/mixing (up to 7.1), onboard multi-machine transport control/synchronization, and each fader can be mono/stereo/5.1/etc. Other features include Neve’s famed preamps, EQs and compression (40-bit floating point) and the flexible MIOS96 I/O system.

Lexicon ( is shipping the Omega Desktop Recording Studio. The integrated computer recording system includes the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O mixer, ProTracks Plus 32-track and BIAS Deck 3.5 SE software. Also included is the Pantheon reverb plug-in…The new Daking Mic-Pre IV is now shipping. The unit features Class-A preamps in a single-rackspace unit with outboard power supply. Visit Instruments has released Mac OS X–compatible demo versions of its B4, FM7 and PRO-53 software synthesizers. Visit, MOTU’s hybrid synthesis virtual instrument, is now shipping for MAS, RTAS, Logic Pro and AudioUnits. The release includes built-in effects, more LFOs, external audio input, a unison multiplier and parameter randomization options for creative programming. See more at’s ( Clockworks Legacy, Reverb and Octavox plug-ins are available for the Windows XP Pro Tools platform. In addition, these plug-ins and the H3000 Band Delays will gain support for Digidesign’s new ICON and Command|8 control surfaces as free upgrades...BIAS has released Peak 4.1 Mastering and Restoration edition that includes SoundSoap Pro and SuperFreq, the 10-band mastering EQ for $899. Visit Basics of Drum Recording, from Secrets of the Pros, is a three-hour, $39.95 instructional DVD with tips and tricks from pro engineers, producers and artists. Visit…Nashville shootout king Lynn Fuston offers iReplica, a $19.95 audio CD comparing Focusrite’s Liquid Channel to classic mic pre’s and compressors. In calibrated tests using the same recorded source track, he auditions the old and new. Fuston draws no conclusions, but supplies the 69 separate 48kHz/24-bit A/B soundfiles so listeners can decide. Go to Labs releases V. 3.8a for SAWStudio and SAWStudioLite, and V. 1.3a update for SAWStudioBasic; all are available at Talk is the new Roland/Boss Website for educating VS and BR users with tips, user profiles and hints for the beginner and pro. Check out