Tools of the Trade

GENELEC 8130A DIGITAL MONITORS Genelec's (, $995 each) 8000 Series monitors feature 192kHz/24-bit digital audio interfacing, AES/EBU digital

Genelec's (, $995 each) 8000 Series monitors feature 192kHz/24-bit digital audio interfacing, AES/EBU digital (single and dual-wire) and analog inputs, and automatic bit and sampling rate detection. The aluminum enclosure has a 5-inch woofer and ¾-inch tweeter powered by two 40-watt amps. Frequency response is 58-20k Hz (±2 dB); peak SPL is 108 dB/pair. Extras include new crossover filters and the customary bass tilt, bass roll-off and treble tilt room response controls. Up to eight 8130As can be chained in digital or analog mode for surround applications, and the system is compatible with Genelec's 7050A subwoofer.

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Designed for on-air and audio production rooms, the Hush ATX PC (dist. by Logic Supply, uses convection cooling for silent operation. The PC has a fanless power supply, large heat sinks and can be configured with a choice of Intel CPUs; multiple RAM, storage and drive choices; dual 8-inch PCI slots; four USB ports; and optional FireWire interfacing.

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Big, full-featured and affordable describes Tascam's (, $3,799) DM-3200 digital desk. Based on the DM-24, the 48-channel console operates at up to 96 kHz/24-bit, carries 16 XLR balanced mic/line inputs with phantom power and includes interface software for Mac OS X or Windows. It has 17 touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders, and includes 8-channel ADAT I/O, 24-channel TDIF I/O and two expansion slots for DM-24-compatible I/O cards. Each of the 32 channels offers 4-band parametric EQ and dynamics, 16 buses and eight aux buses. There are four stereo effects or two 8-in/8-out surround effects.

A high-end option to patch audio directly to computers, the balanced 12-foot iStudioLink mic and instrument cables from Monster ( terminate to an ⅛-inch gold-contact connector. The mic cable features a female XLR, twisted-pair construction, special copper windings and a Duraflex jacket. The instrument cable has a ¼-inch jack, dual solid-core conductors and heavy-duty strain relief.

Retro-loving DAW music-makers will be interested in this General Vibe's (, $199) soft synth that re-creates the Prophet VS' sound. Not only does it include reconstructed versions of the original factory presets, but it adds polyphony (up to 16 voices), expanded control ranges and additional modulation routings. VectorSector includes 100 presets and is available now as a VSTi plug-in on Windows XP; Mac OS X (AudioUnits and VST) hosts are scheduled to be released in mid-February.

These new VST instrument plug-ins from Ueberschall (, $199) use Celemony Melodyne technology to create a new class of virtual instruments. The samples, played by top studio musicians, can be edited, stretched, quantized and reshaped using the Melodyne editor, which is included within the plug-in. Once edited, the samples can be imported into the standard version of Melodyne using the Melody Manager.

This new collection of hard rock and heavy metal drums features drummer Tony Morra recorded in the cavernous Big Boy room at Nashville-based Sound Kitchen by engineer Steve Marcantonio. The collection from Discrete (, $249) offers more than 4 GB of individually recorded drums on 13 tracks, crossing a variety of hard-hitting styles and tempos. Separate hits, crashes, stops and starts are included, allowing the user to craft a unique track. The individual .WAV files are easily imported into any DAW for editing and assembly.

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ADK's new Custom Shop (, $1,195) offers a mic preamp with a twist. The AP-1's input transformer is mounted on a removable circuit board. By conforming to the API 2520/Jensen 990 footprint, other new and vintage op amps can be swapped. ADK will offer optional input transformer daughter boards using such transformers as the Lundahl 1538xl, Jensen JT-110K-HPC and Sowter API 2622 vintage re-creation. ADK will also assist users who want to make custom boards for other transformers. Other features include ¼-inch DI, impedance loading switch, phantom power, polarity reverse and -20dB pad.

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Perfect for portable PC production, this compact yet beefy laptop from Alienware ( features a 17-inch screen, Intel Desktop 915 PCI-Express chipset, dual hard drives with RAID 0 or 1 support, dual optical drive slots and a 7-in-1 media card reader. Other features include up to 4 GB of RAM, four USB 2 slots, 802-11g and Bluetooth wireless support, a high-performance cooling system and four built-in speakers with subwoofer. Prices start at $2,400.

Telefunken USA (, $1,399) now offers an affordable mic incorporating the same tube technology and renowned craftsmanship as its pricier models. The handmade, multipattern R-F-T M16 offers high-end sonic performance and features a circa 1980, new old-stock Phillips JAN 12AX7WA tube and dual gold-sputtered, 6-micron center-contact capsule. The system includes a remote-controlled, a nine polar pattern power supply, shock-mount, 25-foot cable and wooden mic box.

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CAD E-3002
The latest studio condenser from CAD (, $699) features dual 1.1-inch gold-sputtered diaphragms, stainless-steel/brass dual-stage pop/EMI filter and a custom elastomer shock cradle system. The E-3002 has cardioid, omni and figure-8 patterns; automatic power shut-off to retain battery life; highpass filter; and -20dB pad. The mic can be phantom-powered or used remotely for six hours via a rechargeable 9-volt nickel-hydride battery. Shock-mount and carrying case are included.

Project5 Version 2 ( offers a streamlined user interface, new high-performance engine, integrated multitrack audio, multipad pattern triggering, loop reconstruction, dynamic arpeggiator and a multimode sampling synthesizer. To enhance workflow, the interface offers all views and tools from a single screen. In addition, the engine has been optimized for live performance use. Retail: $429, with upgrades available.

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Portable audio just got easier with E-mu's (, $499) 1616M CardBus Digital Audio System. The interface comprises a PCMCIA card and compact MicroDock audio/MIDI interface, offering up to 192kHz/24-bit conversion. The MicroDock's 16 channels include analog I/O, ADAT and S/PDIF I/O (switchable to AES/EBU) and two phantom-powered mic/line/hi-Z inputs. Also included is the E-DSP 32-bit multi-effects processor and production tools bundle with Cubase LE, Wavelab Lite, Ableton Live 4 Lite, AmpliTube LE, T-Racks EQ, DiskWelder Bronze and Proteus X LE Desktop Sound Module.

Sony's (, $1,195) latest Oxford plug-in suite offers three ways for Pro Tools users (Mac/PC) to clean up their dirty audio. DeBuzz features a strong and weak mode for minimal intrusion into the signal, DeNoise captures the noise fingerprint or can track it automatically, and DeClick combines the functions of pop and click removal, making it able to remove large pop/clicks and barely perceptible crackles.

Dubbed the “Meekrophones,” JoeMeek's ( collection of four mics are designed from the ground up and feature the JM27, JM37, JM37DP and JM47. The JM27 is a small-diaphragm microphone (cardioid, $129). The JM37 (cardioid, $219), JM37DP (cardioid and omni, $249) and JM47 (cardioid, $299) are large-diaphragm condenser models.

Bridging the hardware/software DAW processor gap, Lexicon's (, $299) MX200 combines a single-rackspace, 2-channel stand-alone effects unit with a VST interface for use with software recording platforms. Connected via USB, the unit offers reverb, dynamics and special effects within any compatible VST platform workstation, allowing the hardware unit to be fully automated and recalled. The unit has 99 factory presets and 99 slots for user-defined effects.

MOTU's (, $295) Symphonic Instrument is a cross-platform plug-in featuring 8 GB of quality orchestral sounds. The instrument can be used with any compatible host application (VST, AudioUnits, DXi, MAS and RTAS), where users can load up to 16 different instruments per instance of the plug-in to create ensembles of any size and scope. For advanced applications, users can load the sounds directly into the company's MachFive universal sampler plug-in. The instrument includes a built-in convolution reverb and easy-to-use controls that let users adjust each individual instrument.

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Princeton Digital (, $199) has unbundled its Plate 2016 — a re-creation of the Eventide SP2016 Plate Reverb — for release as a Pro Tools TDM plug-in. Plate 2016 supports sample rates of 44.1/48/96 kHz and promises the same quality sound as the original hardware unit that helped define a generation of ambience-producing digital reverbs. System requirements include Pro Tools 6 or later, Mac OS 10.2.4 or later, HD or Accel hardware and iLok for a demo and full authorizations.

Ableton (, $149) has released Operator, a new soft synth instrument optimized for use inside Live 4, Ableton's real-time music production platform. Operator's core voice architecture comprises four oscillators and a resonant multimode filter, allowing subtractive and frequency modulation synthesis. A set of presets, sorted by category, get the user started. Macro controls can then modify overall sonic character. Operator's central display provides advanced tweakers access to graphic envelope editors and other advanced controls.

Waves ( takes convolution to the next step with Q-Clone, a plug-in that accurately re-creates the shape and phase response of any hardware EQ. The process turns your hadware EQ into a control surface that can be saved and then used again on another channel. Once the EQ is tweaked, the sound is captured, sampled and saved to the channel. The plug-in can then be instantiated on another channel where the process is repeated. Changes to the EQ are easily recaptured via an Add button, which puts the plug-in into Update mode.

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Tascam has announced that the Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums library, first created exclusively for GigaStudio 3, can now be accessed at In addition, FW-1884 V. 1.40 driver installers for Windows XP and OS X are available for download from the Tascam Website (…SPL's ( SMC Surround Monitor Controller 2381 now comes with a new front panel and a larger volume knob, complementing the design of SPL's new controller series (SMC 2489 and MTC 2381 monitor and talkback stereo controller)…Edirol ( has released beta 64-bit drivers for several devices in support of the latest hardware and software for Windows-based computers. Devices supported include the UA-1000 and the UA-25 USB audio interface…Submersible Music is shipping the ZoroPack I DrummerPack for use with its popular DrumCore software (…URS ( has released the Classic Console Equalizer Bundle VST versions for Windows XP and Mac…SSL ( offers new enhancements for its C100 digital broadcast console, including full 5.1 panning from the touchscreen and I/O expansion for the Centuri core…The latest product from Sonic Studio (, SonicStudio•DDP for Mac OS X, is now available as a limited-time free download…IK Multimedia has lowered the prices of its amp and effects modeling plug-in. AmpliTube 1 is now only $299 while AmpliTube LE is $199…Apogee Electronics' V. 2 firmware update features Advanced Option Routing for the AD-16X and the DA-16X, with X-HD or X-FireWire option cards installed. The release is free from www.apogeedigital.comSamplitude ( is now shipping Samplitude V. 8.1. This version features Surround Sound, Surround Effects and Object Sound (Samplitude Professional only)…Producer PHASE 88 Rack FireWire and EWS MIC2/MIC8 FireWire audio systems from TerraTec ( now feature significant enhancements including optimized ASIO latency and MIDI-controlled stand-alone mode…ILIO ( releases new S.A.G.E. Xpanders for Spectrasonics Stylus RMX virtual instrument. Each Xpander comes with the complete groove collection, plus a special bonus ILIO section and a library of new Stylus RMX multi-patches.