Tools of the Trade

LUCID GENX192 STUDIO MASTER CLOCK Having a split personality is usually considered a bad thing, but not in the case of the latest clock from Lucid (

Having a split personality is usually considered a bad thing, but not in the case of the latest clock from Lucid ( The GENx192 Studio Master Clock has two operating modes that let users choose between internal reference and distribution functions. Furthermore, in internal mode, its 14 (!) outputs are split into two groups of seven, each capable of generating an independent multiple of the base frequency. For troubleshooting word clock connections, there's an LED to indicate bad terminations. Price not yet announced.

Chandler Limited ( has collaborated with London's Abbey Road Studios to release the new EMI TG12413 limiter plug-in (TDM, $675; RTAS, $450). Based on the original compressor/limiter module built in the 1960s, the TG12413 was developed from design notes and technical drawings from the original TG12345 mix desk, the same console used to mix records such as Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon. Chandler's TG12413 limiter plug-in emulates this classic model. Key features include the option to configure from mono up to 7.1 for versatile gain reduction in a variety of applications. A demo is available in the News section of Abbey Road's Website (

Promising to deliver a hat trick of noise-reduction ability, the Z-Noise ($800, native; requires iLok) plug-in from Waves ( offers dynamic noise profiling, transient preservation and increased low-frequency resolution. Boasting a more musical algorithm, the plug is ideal for removing tape hiss, ground hum and computer noise using a familiar 5-band EQ interface. Real-time operation lets users fine-tune Z-Noise's parameters and hear changes on the fly while retaining all the power and punch of the source recordings. Rather than use an isolated sample of the noise, Z-Noise features an exclusive Extract mode, as well as an Adaptive mode to reduce noise that changes over time.

Now it's cheaper to hire a robot to do your CD duping. Pico ($699) from Disc Makers ( is a 16x DVD/48x CD duper that's barely larger than a CD and drive put side-by-side. Measuring a mere 7.1×15.75 inches and weighing 6.6 pounds, Pico has a 25-disc capacity and includes easy-to-use DiscForge software with audio, CD data and DVD data editing software. Pico can deliver up to six full DVD-Rs or 12 CD-Rs per hour, and includes a 3-inch disc and CardDisc adapter for creating portable giveaways or leave-behinds. The unit includes free lifetime tech support and 100 CDs or 50 DVDs, and it comes with discounted blank media pricing for life.

Air guitarists can now drop the 02 and shred for real by using Euberschall's (dist. by East West, Liquid Guitar ($199.95) for Mac and PC. The collection is recorded from acoustic (nylon/steel) and electric guitars across a broad range of styles, including funk, R&B, pop, rock, blues, fusion, jazz, Western and guitaristic sound effects. Features include the ability to control audio as MIDI data, multiple content management, advanced editing, the ability to change tempo and key, a Quick Sound browser and sync-to-host.

Bundle up for the last throes of winter with the URS Classic Console Compressor Bundle Version 1 (AudioUnits). These two compressors, titled the 1970 and 1980, digitally re-create the sound of two popular British console compressors of days gone by. Each features a separate compressor and brickwall limiter, plus internal sidechain with highpass and lowpass filtering. The URS 1970 is smooth and warm, while the URS 1980 is snappy and more aggressive. Both plug-ins feature up to 192k sampling and 64-bit double-precision processing. The bundle is $449 for native AudioUnits, including RTAS, or the two compressors are sold individually for $249.99 each. A 10-day demo is available at

Violet Audio (dist. by Kaysound, has launched the ADP61 ($1,495), a 24-bit/192kHz A/V preamp and decoder unit that features a multitude of analog, digital and S-video inputs, allowing the control of both video and audio signals over a wide range of source material. Inputs include one balanced stereo, six unbalanced stereo, balanced 5.1 via 25-pin, unbalanced 5.1, AES/EBU, coaxial digital, optical digital, four S-video inputs and a single balanced 6.1 output.

This slick I/O and controller unit from M-Audio ( gives users of M-Powered Pro Tools, Ableton Live, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk SONAR and Apple Logic a solid option for desktop control. The unit connects to a computer via FireWire and includes eight channels with 10-bit, touch-sensitive motorized faders; buttons for mute, solo, record-enable and select; an assignable rotary controller; LCD scribble strip; phantom-powered mic preamps; and line inputs. The ProjectMix I/O ($1,249.95) also offers a front panel instrument input, MIDI I/O, dedicated transport controls and keys for in/out points, zoom, region nudge, looping and more. Other I/O is provided on ADAT Lightpipe and S/PDIF for a total of 18 inputs and 14 outputs.

Easy on the pocketbook, this sample rate — converter software from Weiss Engineering (dist. by Las Vegas Pro Audio, operates at 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz and at word lengths of 16/20/24/32-bit fixed point and 64/32-bit floating point. Priced at less than half the cost of the standard Saracon, Saracon-Light ($925) runs on Windows platforms and supports .WAV, AudioUnits and .AIFF file formats. Word length reduction is performed using the included POW-r and flat TPDF dithering algorithms. Additional features include extensive monitoring tools, log files and a built-in sine wave signal generator for testing purposes.

Need lots of function in a tight space? These 12-channel, single-rackspace mixers come in a standard (C3, $279) or an enhanced (C3X, $379) version featuring onboard DSP effects. Both offer four balanced combo XLR/¼-inch inputs (two front/two rear) for microphones or line-level gear and four ¼-inch/RCA stereo inputs. The balanced inputs have a 3-band EQ; stereo channels share 2-band EQ. All inputs have access to a pair of pre/post-fader aux sends. The stereo output (XLR and RCA) features LED metering, master level and monitor master controls. The CX3's DSP includes room and plate reverbs and a variable 10ms to 720ms delay with a regeneration range of 0% to 90%.

Spectra ($198), the latest Windows 2000/XP synth plug-in from Kjaerhus Audio (, combines multistage additive synthesis with subtractive synthesis, providing a wealth of timbral possibilities. Spectra features a 250 partial-additive engine with up to eight detune-able oscillators per voice. In addition, an audio analyzer is available to convert .WAV files into harmonies. The subtractive component includes 12 analog modeled filters with resonance. Other features include a two-bank preset system and two LFOs with five multipoint envelopes, with looping and time-stretch capabilities for each. The onboard effects section offers chorus, flanger, delay, phaser and reverb.

Nicely breaking the buck-a-gig barrier, the latest effort from Maxtor ( offers a Terabyte of storage for $899.95. The Turbo features FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2 interfaces, and imbedded software tools (Mac and PC) provide the ability to synchronize data between two or more computers. A System Rollback feature helps return PC systems to a healthier state after a damaging spyware attack. The drive features improved acoustics, an inner disk drive casing and shock-mounts for additional durability and drive protection. In addition, Maxtor DriveLock data security provides a password-protection option to safeguard contents if the drive is lost or stolen.

This affordable, new microphone from MXL ( features a 1-inch capsule, Class-A FET circuitry and three switchable patterns (omni, cardioid and figure-8). It is internally wired with Mogami cable. A -10dB pad is included for those high-SPL situations, while a low-frequency roll-off compensates for proximity effect and room rumble. The slick-looking, silver-finished mic ships with shock-mount and deluxe carrying case. Price: $199.95.

Apogee Electronics ( has standardized its Rosetta 800 line at 192k sample rates and has reduced the price to $2,995. Previously, the ability to operate the Rosetta 800 at 192k came as a $995 upgrade only…Celemony, the company that brought you Melodyne, has a new users forum at for those who want to offer their opinions, suggestions or criticisms. Company representatives will answer questions on a regular basis and join in discussions from time to time… Digidesign's ( Digi 002 systems now include the Digi 002 Factory software bundle at no additional charge. The bundle includes Pro Tools LE software, the Pro Tools Ignition Pack and 50 Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins, including Factory BF-3A, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Moogerfooger Analog Delay, SansAmp PSA-1, Cosmonaut Voice, Joemeek SC2 Photo-Optical Compressor, Joemeek VC5 Meequalizer, Tel-Ray Variable Delay, Voce Spin and Voce Chorus/Vibrato…IK Multimedia ( is now shipping SampleTank 2.1 (Mac OS X and PC), offering 2 GB of additional new material, more than 1,700 sounds and a total of 6.5 GB of samples on two DVDs…Focusrite (

target="_blank"> has released V. 2 for Saffire users, free of charge. The new upgrade includes enhanced 192kHz and FireWire operation,

improved graphics contrast, roll-over tool tips, newly removed bugs and improved interface clarity. Visit the company's Website for download instructions…Speaking of downloads, V. 1.1 of MOTU's Symphonic Instrument universal orchestral plug-in for Mac and PC is now available for download at The free version adds stand-alone operation, 64 parts per plug-in, support for 64 MIDI channels, support for multiple independent outputs and disk streaming…TC Electronic's ( PowerCore 2 software upgrade includes an overview of CPU power and RAM, as well as the status of plug-in licenses and all PowerCore devices running on the system. In addition, it enables a fully functional 20-hour trial version of a number of optional TC plug-ins…Submersible Music's DrumCore 2 ( adds synching to ReWire host tempos and separate outputs for its MIDI drum module sounds. The new version also increases the number of included loops, fills, hits and kits.