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Touring Band Liquid Blue Relies on Gefen USB 2.0 Extender

Liquid Blue in Las Vegas

Gefen, a leading provider of audio/video connectivity solutions, reports that San Diego–based indie-pop band Liquid Blue, which continues to perform more than 2,000 shows in more than 400 cities, relies on the Gefen USB 2.0 Extender for connectivity on the road. The technical director/guitarist for the band, The Grovler, uses the Gefen USB 2.0 Extender for live access to audio equipment in a backstage rack from an onstage laptop.

The Gefen USB 2.0 Extender comes with a sender, connected to the audio equipment, and a receiver connected to the stage laptop. One Cat-5 cable feeds the audio to the laptop, reaching distances up to 75 feet, which is beyond the range of a normal USB cable.

“The Gefen USB 2.0 Extender worked perfectly, right out of the box, and I employed it a high stakes gig in Las Vegas this weekend,” says The Grovler. “We performed at the after-party for a major industry awards ceremony and thanks to Gefen, we had no glitches, hiccups or crashes, even running the audio data 75 feet in distance. There was even more pressure to have a flawless show as we had just accepted the award for Entertainer of the Year [ensemble] about an hour before our performance.”

The Gefen USB 2.0 Extender enables data transmitted through a USB port to be delivered up to 330 feet in distance from the sender unit to the receiver with one connection cable. Compact sender and receiver units install in just minutes and transmit data at speeds up to 480 Mbps, for a flawless signal delivery for high performance systems. It works with all cross-platform computer systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Liquid Blue on tour abroad

The USB 2.0 Extender is now a regular addition to the Liquid Blue gear as they continue to tour the world. The group holds the official world record for “Most Traveled Band” and is also recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for “Song Sung in Most Languages.” The seven-member ensemble has performed in more than 100 countries on seven continents.

“The USB 2.0 Extender worked right out of the box, which is great for a rental and staging type of set-up,” The Grovler adds. “We didn’t have to troubleshoot or waste any valuable time. We plugged it in and everything worked. Gefen is rock solid and rocks!”

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