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Town House Studios Acquires New Questeds

Town House studios (West London) resident engineer Max Dingel and producer Alan Moulder, a Townhouse regular, have both bought a pair of Quested S8 active nearfield monitors.

“Alan was looking for some new nearfield monitors and I had the task of sourcing some different models to try out,” says Dingel. “I’ve found that a lot of manufacturers tend to under spec the power amps in active monitors, but when I saw an advert for the S8s in one of the trade magazines the power amp specification seemed to be just what we were looking for.

“Quested has a very good reputation and the S8s sounded like just what we wanted,” he continues. “So we got hold of some from the UK distributor Sonic8 and did some A/B testing with other active monitors. All through the process, we kept coming back to the S8s. They sounded very natural and weren’t trying to give excessive bottom end.”

Moulder carries his S8s to wherever he is working. Although a regular at Townhouse, they are most often found at Assault and Battery Studio, which Alan co-owns with fellow producer Flood.

“I like the low end and the fact they have a big size sound on them,” he says. “The imaging is excellent and they sound great at low volume. They are not over flattering and still sound good.”

The first project to benefit from Moulder’s S8s is the next album for The Secret Machines (Warner Bros.) mixed at Townhouse. He is currently using them at Assault and Battery where he is mixing New York trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs second album.

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