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× Launches Online Sound Design Library lets users individually select, preview and purchase purpose-built sound design for movie trailers, TV promos, video and multimedia productions. Customers pay only for the files that they want, and new material is added on a regular basis. Simply choose a category, then select, preview and purchase the cuts you want as MP3, WAV or 48kHz AIFF files The royalty-free files are designed for professional and non-professional use.

Sounds can be located by category, duration or by direct search. Each sound module features a waveform graphic offering an instant indication of the sound clip selected. Each sound has its own audio player and sounds can be previewed before purchasing. Preview files are deliberately data-compressed to ensure quick auditioning and to avoid abuse of the service; full audio quality is available upon purchase. Once a customer’s selections have been made, a Zip file is processed while obtains credit card info. Once payment has been made, the Zip file will be downloaded to the customer’s desktop.

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