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TransAudio Group Adds Mark Hornsby as Marketing, Project Manager

TransAudio Group in Las Vegas has hired Mark Hornsby (pictured) to the position of marketing and project manager. Hornsby will help users to better understand products from TransAudio Group’s manufacturers via seminars in the field, trade show efforts and product demonstrations, both live and online.

Hornsby is based in Nashville at Java Jive Studio, where he works as a producer, engineer, consultant, lecturer and writer.

“For years, I have been searching for just the right fit for this position,” says Brad Lunde, principal at TransAudio Group. “It requires someone who will command the respect of the world’s best inventors and customers, someone who has both the on-the-ground skills and a gift for communication. I am happy to say that Mark Hornsby is that person. Few in the music industry can claim so diverse or so deep a background. He has worked in MI and pro audio retail. He co-owned Ridenour Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He has produced and consulted on pro audio software sales and development. He is a regular contributor to Recording magazine. He is a certified Pro Tools expert. He has lectured at the leading schools in the industry, including Pro Media Training, MTSU, Berklee, NYU, Belmont, SAE and Full Sail.

“On top of all of this, or more accurately at its base, Mark maintains an active career as a producer and engineer,” Lunde continues. “He lives in the trenches.”

Hornsby’s production and engineering clients include indie artists in a variety of genres. He has also worked on tracks for the Judds, Neal Peart of Rush, Word Entertainment and New Found Glory, among others.

TransAudio states that Hornsby is already working on the company’s Audio Underground events and creating a series of online videos with George Massenburg that detail the uses of the GML product line in the studio. Hornsby will create similar marketing tools for key manufacturers on the TransAudio Group line card. Hornsby has also introduced the new ATC SCM25A Pro active three-way monitors to Nashville’s Blackbird Studio.

“Working with TransAudio Group is a natural extension of the activities that I’m already heavily invested in,” says Hornsby. “TransAudio Group represents great manufacturers, which makes it easy to do a demo or seminar. I will continue the work that has brought me to this point—producing, engineering, etc.—which will keep my head right where it needs to be: focused on creating great music. It is important to remember that the TransAudio Group products that I’m working with are not only excellent tools, but also a lot of the same equipment I’ve been using for years on my own recordings. Working directly with the manufacturers, I am discovering new things about their products that I already use and combining that with my perspective as a longtime user. I think we all look forward to the synergy this is will create.”

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