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Tweak Head Technology Unveils ToneFREQ

Tweak Head Technology in Chelmsford, Mass. announces ToneFREQ ($179.95), a product designed to counteract the negative impact that cable capacitance and signal loss have on the sound of all electric guitars. The ToneFREQ is worn on the player’s guitar strap, operating as close as possible to the sound source.

“The effect of capacitance, inherent in all cables, is made worse in long cable runs typical of most guitar setups. The capacitance acts like an undesirable EQ on your guitar sound,” says ToneFREQ inventor Scott Glorioso. “No matter how good your cables are, they will always have capacitance that muddies your guitar sound and causes you to lose substantial definition and dynamic content. ToneFREQ corrects this problem while also providing circuitry capable of driving cables in excess of 18 feet without signal loss.”

ToneFREQ also lets users tune the resonant peak frequency of their guitar pickups and boost output gain. This allows the user to find the sweet spot for both guitar and amplifier.

ToneFREQ is hand-built and assembled in the U.S., requires no modifications to the guitar, weighs 8 ounces and operates for more than 250 hours from a single 9-volt battery.

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