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UCLA Extension Offers Independent Music Production Program

The same digital technologies that are upending music industry business models are opening new doors for independent music producers. To educate the next generation of go-it-alone musicians, UCLA Extension is introducing a new Certificate Program in Independent Music Production.

This 36-unit program is designed for musicians, composers, lyric writers, producers and other artists who want to learn the latest techniques for creating and recording music for commercial purposes. The program also teaches participants new methods for marketing, selling and distributing their music through the Internet and other digital media.

Radical changes in the music industry have created opportunities and challenges for independent music producers. “New technologies make it possible for producers to work alone and to reach a worldwide audience without the involvement of recording studios and record companies,” says Pascale Halm, director of UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies program. “Our program helps producers overcome the challenge of going solo.”

Participants in the Independent Music Production certificate program complete 28 units of required courses and eight elective units. Required courses include Audio Recording Theory, Producing Professional Demos, and Record Production: Professional Practices. Electives include courses in music production applications such as Logic Pro and Pro Tools, as well as courses in the business side of music such as Music Supervision and Business Affairs in Film and TV Music.

“Independent producers who complete our certificate program will be well versed in both the creative and business sides of the professional music field,” says Halm. “Our courses are designed to be relevant and specific to the needs of independent producers.”

Courses in this new program are taught by professionals who are actively working in the music industry. Participants not only learn the latest information in the field but also are put in contact with accomplished professionals who teach and appear as guest speakers in courses throughout the program. The program also provides internship and networking opportunities.

UCLA Extension will hold an information session for the new Certificate Program in Independent Music Production on Saturday, December 6, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the UCLA Extension Lindbrook Center, 10920 Lindbrook Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. 90024. The session will give participants an opportunity to meet staff and instructors and get advice on how to complete the program.

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