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Ultrasone Announces Edition 9 Headphones

Ultrasone of America, the U.S. distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, announces the limited-edition release of its closed-back Edition 9 ($1,500) headphones, which use Ultrasone’s 40mm titanium/Mylar plated drivers for delivering sonic clarity and transparency. The Edition 9 headphones also use black chrome in both the ear cups and nameplates, and Ethiopian sheep leather in the ear pads and headband pad. The headphones come in a metal attaché case for safe storage and transportation.

Ultrasone incorporated S-Logic technology into the Edition 9 headphones, which is said to reduce sound pressure to the eardrums by 40 percent (offering a 96dB SPL) while delivering a natural sounding surround effect. The company states that the headphones address the issue of reducing electromagnetic field radiation, commonly associated with cell phone use, by up to 98 percent.

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