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Unique AutoSports South Opens with Sound From Martin Audio

NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal of the Miami Heat hosted the recent grand opening of Will Castro’s luxurious new Unique AutoSports South in Miami. The event featured musical guests and sports greats such as Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints, Shawn Merriman of the San Diego Chargers, Dorrell Wright of the Miami Heat and Miami’s DJ Irie, among others.

Originally based on Long Island, N.Y., Castro has built a national reputation for designing and building stylish, high-tech “whips” for leading athletes, actors and rap artists such as 50 Cent, Sean Combs, LeBron James, Kanye West, Marc Anthony and Timbaland, to name just a few. The event reflected the growth of Castro’s burgeoning automotive enterprise, recently featured on’s Unique Whips and in leading national newspapers and magazines.

Unique AutoSports South’s grand opening was produced by Gary Grocher’s KGP Services, and assisted by Harold Cummings’ Drummer Boy Sound Productions in Miami. The high-impact, top-drawer quality of the grand opening and large space presented Cummings with a special challenge in terms of the sound. “Obviously, the audio was really important, so we needed a system that would be powerful, clean, sound great, easily fill up the large concrete space and handle national-caliber acts,” Cummings says.

With that in mind, Cummings opted for a Martin Audio Blackline H3+ horizontal 3-way enclosure on each side of the stage, two Blackline S218+ subs, and four Blackline F12+ units, all powered by Martin Audio MA2.8 and MA4.2 amps. With four Martin Audio LE1200S monitors onstage, the rest of the sound system comprised an APB-DynaSonics H1020 mixing console, an Ashly Protea 4.24C processor and Klark Teknik EQs.

Cummings states that he chose Martin Audio because he needed the “most power and clarity for each side. We used about 6,000 square feet of the entire 10,000-square-foot area and those speakers made the entire room vibrate. When you walked into the space, you could hear the stage speakers, but with the F12s for the surround, the sound was perfectly balanced throughout the room. I was pleasantly surprised at the power and easy setup. Afterwards, Will Castro told us that he loved everything and the sound was amazing.”

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