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Unit Audio Announces 16-Channel Analog Summing Mixer with Panning

Unit Audio Unit 16×2 Passive Analog Summing Mixer

Unit Audio in Nashville announces the latest addition to its line of analog summing mixers, the New Unit 16 x 2 Panning, which features the same panning flexibility as the company’s 8 x 2 Micro-Unit. The addition of two pan switches allows the user to place channels 1 and 2 in monaural (center), hard left (channel 1) or hard right (channel 2).

Unit Audio manufactures a line of analog summing mixers as well as the “Baffle-Unit” line of space tuning acoustic panels for home and project studios. Unit Audio hand wires each of its mixers point to point in Nashville, using high quality components such as Neutrik connectors and Xicon resistors. The company says that its analog summing mixers “add back some of the sparkle and punch of analog recording that is so often missing in a purely ‘in-the-box’ mix.”

Prices start at $149, and Unit Audio offers sound samples on its Website.

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