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Universal Audio Releases Manley Passive EQ Plug-In

Universal Audio in Scotts Valley, Calif., has released the Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in ($299) for the UAD-2 platform. The company worked with Manley Labs on its latest hardware EQ modeling project over a six-month period to bring UAD-2 users both the standard and mastering versions of this world-renowned EQ in one package.

The 2-channel, 4-band Manley Massive Passive EQ uses design strengths from choice console, graphic, parametric and Pultec EQs. The Massive Passive’s natural treatment of a signal lends itself to both radical tonal shaping as well as delicate vocal shading or subtle mastering enhancement.

“The Massive Passive EQ is one of our best-known products,” says EveAnna Manley, owner of Manley Laboratories Inc. “We didn’t even want to entertain the idea of doing a plug-in unless it was really going to be done right. Our expectations were high for the plug-in emulation to be spot-on. Working with Universal Audio, we believe they’ve totally nailed it.”

The Massive Passive EQ offers filter curves, band interdependencies, distortion and hysteretic behavior for a “unique, very musical and ‘open’ sound,” according to Universal Audio.

From left: EveAnna Manley, UA chief scientist Dr. David Berners and company co-founder Bill Putnam Jr. compare the hardware version of the Massive Passive to the software emulation.

“The Massive Passive is truly the ultimate in mastering grade EQs. It sounds warm without ever being dull; it stays precise while remaining highly musical,” says UAD Powered Plug-Ins Product Manager Will Shanks.

“Manley Labs represents quality, sonic excellence and unequivocal analog design expertise,” says Matt Ward, President of Universal Audio. “There has always been a special affinity between our companies, and we are elated to have EveAnna Manley joining us a plug-in partner for the UAD-2 platform.”

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To purchase the Manley Massive Passive EQ from UA’s online store, click here.

The Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in is available as part of the new UAD Software Version 5.6 release, which also includes the EMT 140 Plate Reverb and the Precision Enhancer Hz plug-ins, as well as additional performance enhancements for all UAD-2 users on the Windows platform.

Click here to download UAD Software Version 5.6 for free.