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Universal Audio Releases UAD-2 for Pro Tools

Universal Audio has released UAD Software Version 5.2 software for the UAD platform, which enables the UAD-2 DSP card to be used with Digidesign Pro Tools systems via FXpansion’s RTAS Adapter. In addition to full Pro Tools compatibility, UAD Software V. 5.2 now provides UAD-2 users with automatic plug-in delay compensation for Pro Tools LE via the bundled Mellowmuse ATA plug-in. Mellowmuse ATA lines up all tracks automatically with a couple of clicks–UAD Powered Plug-Ins and other plug-ins alike–and it’s free to UAD-2 users. UAD-1 users may purchase Mellowmuse ATA at a discounted price as a courtesy of Mellowmuse.

The update also includes two new plug-ins for the UAD-1 and UAD-2, the Harrison 32C EQ and the Little Labs IBP.

Moog Multi-Mode Filter

UAD Software V. 5.2 also includes UAD-2 support for the full library of Powered Plug-Ins, including Roland RE-201, Precision Maximizer, Precision De-Esser, Precision Buss Compressor, Precision Enhancer kHz, SPL Transient Designer, VCA VU, and Moog Multi-Mode Filter.

Universal Audio has also released two new Powered Plug-Ins for the award-winning UAD platform: the Harrison 32C Channel EQ and the Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool. Both are available now in the UA Web Store.

Harrison 32C Channel EQ

The company partnered with Harrison Consoles Ltd. to re-create the Harrison 4-band 32C channel EQ plug-in derived from the prestigious Harrison 32 Series console. The Harrison 32C EQ is modeled directly from Bruce Swedien’s own console, and is endorsed by the Grammy-winning producer/engineer. The Harrison Powered Plug-In includes presets made of Swedien’s favorite EQ settings. Swedien continues to use the 3232C console, as he has for more than 25 years.

The Harrison 32C contains four overlapping parametric bands. Each of the Low (40-600 Hz), Low-Mid (200 to 3.1k Hz), Hi-Mid (400 to 6k Hz), and High (900 Hz to 13k Hz) bands have fully sweepable Frequency and Gain Controls. Instead of traditional Q controls, the 32C has “circuitry that automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth,” as described in original Harrison documentation, adding to the device’s signature sound. Furthermore, the Low-end band is switchable from Peak to Shelving EQ. Finally, the Harrison 32C features 12 dB per octave parametric high- and lowpass filters that can be switched in or out. Additional “digital only” features include Gain, Phase Reverse, and a global power switch.

Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool

The Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool eliminates the undesirable hollow comb-filtered sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals. Universal Audio’s “workstation” version is optimized for the DAW environment and expands upon the original design with a continuous Delay Adjust control, which is said to provide “a perfect digital phase alignment option.”

Features include 0 through 180-degree in-between-phase continuous control, with a 0 through 90-degree option for finer control. Also included is the “Phase Center” high- and low-position filter switch, which adds frequency-dependent control over the phase-adjusted source. A standard 0/180-degree Phase Invert switch is included, as well as individual bypass switches for the Phase Adjust and Delay Adjust sections of the circuit. Lastly, a power switch is provided to bypass the whole plug-in for comparison to the original source.

UAD-2 Quad Omni plug-in package

Finally, the new UAD-2 Omni package includes all 34 UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins accompanying either a Duo or more-powerful Quad DSP card. UA states that its “Powered Plug-In library brings the most sonically revered studio processors from the past 50 years of audio to DAWs, including vintage equalizers and compressors, superior precision mastering tools, special effects processing, lush reverbs, and the most accurate, officially licensed hardware emulations from Neve, Roland, Boss, SPL, Moog and more.” The UAD-2 Duo Omni has an MSRP of $4,249 price and the UAD-2 Quad Omni has an MSRP of $4,999, offering savings of up to $2,200 versus buying the plug-ins individually. Both Duo Omni and Quad Omni are available in stores now.

Universal Audio is including the new Harrison 32C EQ and the Little Labs IBP with every new OMNI purchased and registered by March 31, 2009.

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