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Universal Audio Unveils UAD-Xpander ExpressCard DSP System

Universal Audio announced the UAD-Xpander, an ExpressCard DSP system for laptop computers. The UAD-Xpander will be offered in three versions: the UAD-Xpander Xpress, the UAD-Xpander Xpert and the UAD-Xpander Xtreme, which will feature a highly polished chassis with a custom Xpander logo. The company expects to ship the UAD-Xpanders in the first quarter of 2007.

Key features Include a 44.1 to 192k Hz DSP audio accelerator for Mac and PC laptops; an Alumi-Cool chassis design that has no fan; a 2.5 Gigabyte-per-second ExpressCard 34 interface; 14 powered plug-ins; a UAD voucher;
travel case with compartments for all components; and an optional UAD-Xtenda kit with PCIe desktop adapter.

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