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Upcoming Test Press Tuesday With Pyramind at SF’s Levende Lounge

Pyramind: The Institute For Advanced Digital Audio Training (San Francisco, CA) will sponsor the monthly “Test Press Tuesdays” (TPT) event.

Pyramind: The Institute For Advanced Digital Audio Training (San Francisco, CA) will sponsor the monthly “Test Press Tuesdays” (TPT) event.

This month it happens on Tuesday, June 21 at the Levende Lounge (1710 Mission St. at Duboce) from 5– 8 p.m. The event will offer those in the Bay Area dance and electronic music industry a way to meet others in the business, get their music heard by respected industry insiders and solidify the music community. This month’s event is hosted by the INgrooves, a digital distribution record label. A new compilation CD to be made from tracks chosen at TPT has also been announced.

The TPT event attracts artists, DJ’s, producers, designers, radio programmers, press/media, record label reps, record store owners, club owners, promoters and Recording Academy members and governors.

Each month TPT will feature a new label or retail sponsor showcasing their hottest new releases. Past Hosts have included: Om Records, Pyramind Sound, Zen City and Soulmine Records. The host presenter will be preceded by a review panel of hand-picked industry pros who will review up to 10 new submissions each month to be voted on for inclusion on the TPT Compilation CD release. Continuing the tradition of new song submissions at TPT, new track submissions will be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals and rated for quality of production, performance and creativity. A maximum of 10 tracks will be reviewed at each TPT event and the top three tracks will go into the pool of finalists. After six TPT events the finalists will be voted on to determine the final selections for the first TPT CD.

“Sponsoring Test Press Tuesdays is the kind of project Pyramind is active with because it connects the local music community and offers the next generation of music creators a chance to meet the right people in the business,” said Greg Gordon, founder and president of Pyramind. “At Pyramind we teach how to make music, produce it, record it, mix it, how to actually get a track done. Test Press Tuesdays is the next step: getting the music out there listened to and getting feedback about it.”

All reviews will take place between 5 and 6 p.m. at Levende Lounge the evening of each TPT event. All artists and producers that want to have their tracks considered must pre-submit them a minimum of one day prior to the event by using the Web uploader at For more information, please go to

Pyramind is located at 880 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 9410; telephone: 415/896-9800 or 888/378-mind.

For more information, please go to