Tascam (www.tascam.com) and TimeLine (www.timelinevista.com) offers the OpenTL (short for Open Track List) Partner Program to provide compatibility between

Tascam (www.tascam.com) and TimeLine (www.timelinevista.com) offers the OpenTL (short for Open Track List) Partner Program to provide compatibility between their MX-2424 and MM Series digital disk recorder products and hard-disk audio systems from other manufacturers via a flexible EDL format. Visit www.opentl.org for more info...HHB's CDR80 BULK Silver is an unbranded 80-minute CD-R disc supplied in 50-disc packs, priced the same as the 74-minute CDR74 Silver BULK discs. Visit www.hhb.co.uk...Apogee Electronics (www.apogeedigital.com) is re-issuing UV22, for Pro Tools. The MasterTools UV22 Pro Tools plug-in ($200) includes UV22, DC offset removal, user-definable over indication and logging, NOVA ("no over"), phase meter and a 3-dimensional metering system... MuziSample offers two new Pro Pack Series Soundfont CDs: the entire library of Muzisample fonts for $62.95, or the Pro Pack Drumfont CD for $27.95. Get details at www.muzisample.com...SADiE (www.sadie.com) announced a development agreement to implement the AES31 universal digital audio interchange format in its range of SADiE workstations...News from SEK'D: Upgrades from Red Roaster and Samplitude Studio to 2496 are now available; the Red Roaster upgrade is $299, and the Samplitude Studio upgrade is $199. Also, check out the new features in Samplitude V5.55: The MIDI editor now has an Undo option, a new Load CD Tracks function allows exact track marker recognition, and digital silence is correctly imported. For more features, visit www.sekd.com...Roland's new VS-890 DigitalStudio has 24-bit converters, plus an 8-track workstation with onboard effects and CD mastering capabilities, with optional Roland CD Recording System, and a CD-RW Mastering button and CD Writing Mode...Seer Systems' Web site, www.seermusic.com, offers a free reMixer download, SeerMusic files and JavaScript examples of how to use the software...CD duplication company Superdups introduces the InstantCDQuotes program, an online instant CD quote program that lets users log in and receive price quotes for thousands of combinations of CD packages. For more information, visit www.superdups.com...In a technology partnership aimed at developing digital rights management-enabled, scaleable audio format for streaming applications, QDesign's (www.qdesign.com) audio codec technology will be built into Intertrust (www.intertrust.com) and MetaTrust-Certified audio applications...M Audio signed an OEM agreement with MediaTouch (www.m-audio.com), who will be using M Audio's Delta 44 audio card in its new audio logging system...E-mu/Ensoniq introduces the RFX upgrade card for the Ultra line of Emulator 4 Series, which adds 32-bit effects processing, 32-bit input and output mixing, preset-based multi-effects and support for the new companion 24-bit I/O options are also being announced. Visit www.emu.com for details...Free stuff: Tstar audio recording shareware records unlimited CD quality tracks and offers digital editing features. Download it from winsite.com or zdnet.com software downloads...New from Hammer Storage (www.hammerstorage.com), the SLPRO12-FC/FD-FT Fibre Channel is a RAID storage subsystem for digital media applications. When configured with Active-Active controllers, the RAID engineers can deliver up to 190 MB/sec sustained throughput and are hot pluggable and hot swappable...New from Sony Precision Technology, the DUC disc balance checker measures CD-DA, CD-R, DVD and other discs. Visit www.sonypt.com for specs and prices.