Upgrades and Updates

CreamWare (www.cream-ware.com) releases Version 1.1 of its Pulsar production environment; features include three new synthesizers, reverb, reduced (by

CreamWare (www.cream-ware.com) releases Version 1.1 of its Pulsar production environment; features include three new synthesizers, reverb, reduced (by 30%) RAM consumption and interleaved Wave drivers... New from Opcode (www. opcode.com): Studio Vision Pro V.4.2, including Opcode's new Acadia Audio Engine, which adds mixing functionality by allowing integration with a variety of hardware. Also new is VST support, plus new parametric EQs...Event Electronics has made available a DSP*FX Virtual Pack demo including a free, fully functional multi-element delay plug-in, in addition to demo versions of ten additional Virtual Pack plug-ins. In other Event news, a new driver Version 2.10 provides ASIO and Sound Manager support for Gina, Darla and Layla, plus OMS support for Layla's onboard MIDI interface. Visit www.event1.com for more information... Waves announces support for Digidesign's new Pro Tools|24 MIX; get your update at www.waves.com. Waves also announces the TDM II, a second volume of DSP plug-ins for Digidesign TDM systems. The bundle includes the Renaissance EQ and Compressor, DeEsser, Maxx-Bass, the PS22 Stereomaker and MultiRack. Retail is $1,000...Antares Audio Technologies (www.antarestech.com) has new versions of its Auto-Tune plug-in: Auto-Tune TDM Version 2.0 ($599/$99 upgrade) features Pro Tools MIX compatibility and other enhancements; Auto-Tune MAS ($399) is designed to integrate with Mark of the Unicorn MAS-compatible applications, including Digital Performer, Audio-Desk/2408 and Performer 6; and Auto-Tune VST LE is a new low-cost version designed to work with VST-compatible applications... Style Enhancer Micro 1.2 (SEM1.2) and Style Enhancer Micro 1.28 (SEM1.28) are the newest plug-ins for Cakewalk Pro Audio by NTONYX. Demo and full versions of these MIDI plug-ins, plus information on NTONYX's Performance Modeling Technology, are available on the NTONYX Web site: www. ntonyx.com...TC Works (www.tcelectronic.com) announces TC Tools 3.0 for Pro Tools; enhancements include the MegaReverb replacement for the original TC Reverb, plus updated displays for the EQSat and TC Chorus/Delay, and Pro Tools|24 MIX compatibility. An upgrade for current users is $199...Syntrillium Software announces OEM partnerships to bundle Cool Edit Pro SE with Guillemot's Maxi Studio ISIS, Frontier's Dakota and Gadget Labs' WAVE 8]24 cards. Visit www.syntrillium.com... Steinberg (www.steinberg. net) will distribute the EnVoice and DI-MOD 24/48 audio hardware from Mindprint (www.mindprint.com) ...Sonorus (www.sonorus. com) offers expanded Mac support for the STUDI/O card, including Cubase VST, Logic Audio Platinum/Gold 3.6, Studio Vision 4.1 Digital Performer 2.5, AS-1 and DS-1 and Spectrafoo; visit www. sonorus.com for details.