Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS) announces Version 2.0 upgrade releases of both Peak and Peak LE. Peak 2.0 now can record/play/edit up to 32-bit

Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS) announces Version 2.0 upgrade releases of both Peak and Peak LE. Peak 2.0 now can record/play/edit up to 32-bit files, supports playback and recording through DAE, and can encode MP3, Shockwave, and RealAudio files. Peak LE 2.0 includes user interface enhancements and new tools for recording, editing and processing. Visit www.bias-inc.com for more information...Steinberg's GRM-Tools is a collection of four PC/Mac VST plug-ins by the Paris-based Institut National de l'Audiovisuel. The package includes "shuffling," comb filter, bandpass and "pitchaccum" algorithms for creative processing. For details, check out www.steinberg.de...ThinKware's (www.thinkware.com) new USB products from Roland include the UA-100 Audio Canvas USB audio and MIDI processor; the Super MPU64 high-speed, 64-channel MIDI interface for USB; and the MA-150U USB powered speakers...Antares TDM plug-ins are now Pro Tools 24 MIX-compatible. Also, new features, such as automation of all Automatic Mode sliders and pop-up settings, have been added; check out www.antarestech.com...CD Cyclone Systems debuts the T-30 duplicator, featuring 30 8x CD recorders. Visit www.cdcyclone.com...Arboretum Systems (www.arboretum.com) premieres Hyperprism TDM 2.5, featuring Pro Tools MIXplus compatibility, improved filters and noise gate, parameter change automation and more...Opcode now offers iMac and G3-compatible versions of Vision DSP and Studio Vision Pro, as well as its new MIDIport series of USB interfaces. Visit www.opcode.com...CreamWare's Pulsar Version 1.1 offers three new virtual analog synths and DSP enhancements. Download the free update at www.creamware.com...Version 1.3 of the Retro AS-1 synth from BitHeadz (www.bitheadz.com) now features 96kHz support and improved sequencer integration...Syntrillium is offering an upgrade from Cool Edit to Cool Edit Pro for $99. Cool Edit Pro offers 64 tracks, 32-bit and DirectX support, 34 effects, and SMPTE and MTC sync. Visit www.syntrillium.com ...The AudioWritePro system from Microboards Technology is a desktop 4x CD recording system offering both audio and data functionality. Visit www.microboards.com...Soundscape introduces a parallel interface cable for using the SSHDR-1 Plus in a mobile or remote recording situation; ideal for laptop use, the cable connects to the standard Soundscape interface port from the PC parallel port. Check it out at www.soundscape-digital.com... MediaTouch, a division of OMT Technologies (www.omt.net) announced it has signed a licensing agreement with QDesign Corporation (www.qdesign.com) that will allow MediaTouch to incorporate QDesign's MPEG-2 Layer II software codec into all of its radio and multimedia products. The QDesign MPEG-2 stereo compression technology is based on an advanced implementation of the MPEG-2 Layer II standard for audio bit-rate reduction.