Elemental Audio Systems offers Firium (shown), a linear-phase paragraphic EQ plug-in crossed with a freehand drawing program, and Eqium, a software equalizer
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Elemental Audio Systems offers Firium (shown), a linear-phase paragraphic EQ plug-in crossed with a freehand drawing program, and Eqium, a software equalizer that creates bands and filters on-the-fly; the number of filters and bands available is limited only by host resources. Visit www.elementalaudio.com for demos, platform compatibility and pricing…The dbx DriveRack 260 (www.dbxpro.com) has all of the features of the Drive Rack PA plus more flexibility and a range of remote-control zone accessories for installers…Whirlwind's Multi-Snake (www.whirlwindusa.com) is an 8-channel snake with four channels of Director DI's built right into the box. Perfect for acoustic front lines, keyboard setups and DJ positions…New from Rane (www.rane.com), the Empath DJ Mixer was designed with Grandmaster Flash and incorporates extensive innovative features for playback mix flexibility and creativity.…Syntaur Productions (www.syntaur.com) released Sample Set 29, Vintage Organs, and Sample Set 30, Mellotron, for Ensoniq ASR and EPS samplers. Each is a four-disc set selling for $29.95…Discrete Drums' Series Two: Integrated Drums and Percussion drum library features 16-track recordings of drums with matching multitrack percussion loops in varying styles. Listing at $549, the 18-CD Pro Set includes 11 CD-ROMS of 24-bit multitrack .WAV files, four CD-ROMS of 16-bit stereo .WAV (fully Acidized) mixes, two audio CDs for auditioning and a CD-ROM of 24-bit .WAV samples of drums and percussion elements. Visit www.discretedrums.comA Designs enhances its MP-2 stereo tube mic preamp with a direct input that enables the unit to function as a DI box. A Designs offers the upgrade to existing MP-2 customers for $75, plus shipping. Visit www.adesignsaudio.comTexas Instruments (www.ti.com) offers the DSD1608 8-channel enhanced multiformat delta-sigma audio D/A Converter (DAC). The DSD1608 supports both PCM audio data format and DSD audio data formats. The device also supports the TDMCA interface. Features include a 108dB dynamic range, an 8x digital interpolation filter and dedicated digital DSD filter optimized for SACD sampling rates of 192 kHz (PCM mode) and 64× 44.1 kHz (DSD mode)…To celebrate its tenth anniversary, DPA Microphones offers a special Anniversary Edition of the DPA 4006, the 4006-AE. Presented in an anodized-black aluminum case with table stand, the 4006-AE features a gold capsule. Visit www.dpamicrophones.com/eng_pub/press/538.htmlTrillium Lane Labs (www.tllabs.com) offers the free TL Fauxlder plug-in, which helps users organize their Pro Tools plug-in menu…Symetrix has released SymNet Designer Version 2.0, the third software upgrade to the SymNet modular audio routing and digital signal processing system. For more information, visit www.symetrixaudio.comBitHeadz (www.bitheadz.com) offers Unity Topaz Studio Kits ($149), with more than 300 MB of multisampled drums by Zach Danziger, and Ultimate Acoustics ($149), with 450 MB of acoustic guitar and bass samples, for Unity 3.0.