Emagic (www.emagic.de) and Roland (www.rolandus.com) are bundling a customized version of Emagic's Logic Audio, LogicVS, with Roland's VS-880, VS-880EX

Emagic (www.emagic.de) and Roland (www.rolandus.com) are bundling a customized version of Emagic's Logic Audio, LogicVS, with Roland's VS-880, VS-880EX and VS-1680 hardware units...The AX16AT PCI card from Yamaha (www.yamaha.com) provides two pairs of ADAT-format optical I/O connectors for connection to its DSP Factory system...TimeLine's (www.timelinevista.com) TransAudio PipeLine is a file utility program supporting backup, export and tape mode conversion of most popular digital audio workstation file types...CEDAR Audio (www.cedar-audio.com) offers a Version 2 upgrade of the CEDAR for Windows audio restoration application, which includes a revision to NR-3 Noise Reduction and an improved NRC capture algorithm, plus three user-selectable signal models. Upgrades are free to current users...Synchro Arts (www.synchroarts.co.uk) released VocAlign for Soundscape, Version 2.03. In addition, Synchro Arts' Titan for Pro Tools now features the Flash Conform function...Sonic Foundry (www.sonicfoundry.com) introduced its Mastering House bundle, including Sound Forge 4.5, plus XFX-1 and XFX-2 DirectX plug-ins and CD Architect, all for $749. In other Sonic Foundry news, the company announced strategic agreements for bundling with Pinnacle Systems and Guillemot products...OnStream offers 30GB desktop storage solutions and 30GB and 50GB SCSI backup solutions. Check out www.onstream.com...Steinberg (www.us.steinberg.net) released Cubase VST 4.1 for Mac and VST 3.7 for PC; both incorporate the new VST 2.0 plug-in interface and offer a variety of new features. In addition, Steinberg announced its release of Apogee Electronics' (www.apogeedigital.com) MasterTools mastering software package with UV22 for Digidesign TDM systems ...New from BitHeadz is the PC version of its Unity DS-1 sampler; a free demo is available on the BitHeadz Web site, at www.bitheadz.com...Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro Version 1.2 features new full reverb, hard limiter and pitch bender effects, RealMedia G2 support and more. Get a functional demo version at www.syntrillium.com...Arboretum Systems' (www.arboretum.com) new Ionizer noise reduction plug-in is designed for Mark of the Unicorn's Audio System...Digital Audio Labs' (www.digitalaudio.com) Card Deluxe is the latest member of the CardD family, with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution...Sonic Solutions (www.sonic.com) has introduced eDVD technology for creating Web pages with embedded DVD content...Studer's (www.studer.ch) Version 2.03 software/hardware upgrades for V-Eight recorders offers an RS-422 port...Now shipping, the Magix (www.magix.com) Music Studio Professional Desktop System offers digital audio recording, mixing, editing, sequencing and sampling...TC Tools 3.0 (from TC Works, www.tcworks.de) includes the new Megareverb plug-in, and is compatible with Pro Tools PCI, 24 and 24 MIX. Also new is the TC Native Bundle 2.0, featuring the new TC Native L limiter and maximizing tool, which includes Native Reverb, EQ and DeX plug-ins...Musicam USA (www.musicamusa.com) announced the U.S. release of SendIt 3.1,a hardware-independent software codec for PC. Also available from Musicam is the EditPro MP3 editor...WaveFrame (www.waveframe.com) announces a new sampler engine option for WaveFrame workstations, developed with E-mu/Ensoniq and based on the Post Card.