Upgrades and Updates

API Audio (www.audiotoys.com) is shipping its 8200A summing mixer. The single-rackspace unit offers Solo and Mute functions, direct control over level,

API Audio (www.audiotoys.com) is shipping its 8200A summing mixer. The single-rackspace unit offers Solo and Mute functions, direct control over level, panning, a balanced insert and two aux sends on each of the eight balanced line input channels…Applied Acoustic Systems offers Nord Modular users substantial savings on the Tassman Sound Synthesis Studio, now $199. Also, Nord users can upgrade to Tassman 4 free of charge. The offer is available for a limited time at www.applied-acoustics.comCadac released Version 1.07 of its Sound Automation Manager (SAM) software, featuring new multiconsole control capabilities, multilingual version support and enhanced MIDI facilities. Download it free at www.cadac-sound.comIK Multimedia is shipping T-Racks RTAS for PC, AmpliTube and T-Racks AU and VST for Mac OS X, and is offering new upgrade prices on its Digidesign Bundle. Visit www.ikmultimedia.com…Ambient Alchemy, Skillz 2 Pay the Billz and Sounds of Unseen Worlds are three new loop libraries from M-Audio (www.m-audio.com). The new loops offer bass wobbles, digital glitchery and atmospheric signals derived from plants, rocks, fungi and short-wave radio in .REX2, .WAV, .AIFF and Acidized .WAV formats that are stretchable across a tempo range from 80 to 160 bpm. Price: $49.95…The new exclusive distributor for Ambient Recording GmbH products in the United States is Sound Devices (www.sound devices.com). Ambient makes a full line of boom poles, mic support accessories, timecode products and miniature mic solutions…Aimed at the education market and digital music production novices, Steinberg's (www.steinberg.net) Cubase SE is now available as a stand-alone product. SE offers 48 audio and unlimited MIDI tracks for $149…Digidesign announces new Pro Tools LE Factory and Blue Factory bundles. LE Factory bundles either an Mbox, a Digi 002 Rack or a Digi 002 and more than $2,000 worth of Bomb Factory plug-ins. The LE Blue Factory bundle offers greater savings and a Pro Tools LE Factory system, Blue Bluebird mic and accessory kit. Owners of current LE systems can save by exchanging their current system for a Factory system. Visit www.digidesign.com for details…Quantec, the German audio manufacturer that brought you the Yardstick room simulator, is now being exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Independent Audio, www.independentaudio.comPropellerhead's ReWire software (www.propellerheads.se) is now supported by Tascam's GigaStudio 3. Among many other things, ReWire allows real-time streaming of up to 256 audio and up to 4,080 individual MIDI channels from one audio application to another…Manifold Labs and Superwave announce the inclusion of the Superwave P8 in every Plugzilla. Additionally, Superwave announced plans to support Plugzilla with its pro line of instrument plug-ins, including Superwave Performer, Superwave Professional and the forthcoming Superwave P8000. Visit www.plugzilla.comdiscoDSP (www.discodsp.com) releases Version 2.0 of its Vertigo additive synth for the PC. New features include advanced CPU optimization (250% faster than Vertigo 1.x), a Spectrogram editor, stretch envelope, Play mode (poly, mono, legato) and improved morphing with time stretch.