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Video and Post-Production Facilities Install Fairlight Pyxis Systems

Leading video production and post-production companies have recently invested in Fairlight’s Pyxis family of non-linear video playback and recording systems for its high-definition video capabilities.

In December, Los Angeles post-production facility SSI Advanced Post Services purchased a Pyxis system to bring HD capability to one of its two dubbing stages, as the other stage is already outfitted with a Pyxis system. “We needed compatibility between the dubbing stages,” says Gary Fradkin, SSI’s director of engineering. “Our Pyxis system has been a reliable and easy-to-use tool for us, so adding a second system was an easy choice.”

SSI’s business is largely generated through post-production services for feature film trailers. Clients include Warner Bros., Sony, Columbia, Fox, Paramount and Miramax. “One hundred percent of our trailers are delivered in HD copy, so it’s obviously quicker and more effective to work in HD,” Fradkin adds. “Once we’ve mixed a trailer, we can lay the final mix back onto the Pyxis and have a record of all the work we’ve done.”

Dick & Roger’s Sound Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia also recently bought a Pyxis system. “We needed a solution that is compatible with non-Mac-based editing systems and provides the flexibility of working with non-linear video,” says co-founder Roger Monk. “We considered several different products, but the Pyxis system was the logical choice because of its variety of features and intuitive interface.”

Visual Image Display used a Pyxis system to design and integrate content shown at Panasonic’s exhibit at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Pyxis system was used for uncompressed video playback on Panasonic’s new line of HD plasma displays. Using a laptop and an SDI connection, Visual Image Display edited video content on-site, which was then transferred to the Pyxis system for playback. With Pyxis, Panasonic can now quickly custom-edit its video content to suit a particular venue.

“The Pyxis system is a huge advantage because you don’t need a lot of training to learn how to use the product and it can be used on the fly,” says Visual Image Display’s Brad Eisenhaure. “We made a lot of cuts at the show and were able to accomplish quite a bit of editing in a short amount of time.”

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