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Vidiots Introduces Online Music Library

Vidiots Inc., a company in New York City specializing in video post-production and music composition for film and television, has unveiled Vidiots Music, an online music library for producers and editors. The library offers compositions in numerous musical genres, styles, moods and tempos.

Prospective clients can search Vidiots Music’s online library using various criteria and audition tracks. To license cuts, clients would contact a Vidiots Music representative about acquiring a Vidiots Music license and then receive a password that allows them to download the selected music to a hard drive. Vidiots will also burn CDs on request.

“As editors, we understand what producers and editors of shows, promos and spots need,” says Vidiots co-founder Michael Amoia. “We intend to provide the ultimate in customer service, as well. Clients can search online by title, composer/arranger, style, mood and tempo. Or they can call us directly, tell us what they’re looking for and we’ll help them find the right track.”

Vidiots Music has licensed cuts to prime-time programs including MTV’s Room Raiders and Cribs, VH1’s Driven, CBS’ NFL Today and the 2005-2006 season of ABC’s Monday Night Football.

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