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Vidiots Mixes “MTV Cribs” Series

Vidiots, a post-production house in New York City, has added a Digidesign Pro Tools HD suite and expanded its work on the MTV Cribs series by adding mixing services.

“We have two or three of our Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD edit rooms going simultaneously for MTV Cribs with editors rotating on and off shows,” says Anthony Amoia, who co-owns Vidiots with his brother Michael. “Since we now have mixing capabilities, we’ve been able to add audio post to the editing and finishing services we provide for the show.”

Mixer Brian McGee begins his part of the process by importing Avid OMF files into Pro Tools HD 3, along with all the audio tracks. He separates the music, dialog and sound effects tracks, cleans up the dialog tracks, rides the music to picture to enhance excitement, and adds sound effects as needed from Vidiots’ extensive stock library.

“My first episode of MTV Cribs was the series’ 100th episode,” McGee recalls. “I enjoy working on the show and creating dynamics in the music to move the stories along. Everybody at MTV is wonderful to work with.”

McGee teamed with the Amoias in configuring and equipping the Pro Tools HD suite, which was designed by Chris Harmony for 5.1 mixing. “Anthony and Michael built a beautiful room,” McGee says. “There’s a 45-inch Sharp LCD flatscreen HD monitor above the Pro Tools console and Control 24 surface, Genelec 5.1 and Yamaha NS-10 speakers. It’s really awesome!”

Also on hand are a Tube-Tech tube compressor, Marshall JMP1 guitar preamp, Roland JV-2080 keyboard module and Waves plug-ins.

A voice-over/iso booth, which accommodates three people, is outfitted with a Neumann TLM103 mic. An ISDN line is also available.

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