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Vintage King Audio Adds MicroSUB to Barefoot Sound Product Line

Barefoot Sound MicroSUB

Vintage King Audio, a dealer of high-end new and vintage recording equipment, announces the addition of the Barefoot Sound MicroSUB 2-way active subwoofer to its exclusive line of Barefoot Sound products. The MicroSUB joins the MicroMain 27 monitor on Vintage King’s roster of Barefoot Sound equipment.

The MicroSUB uses the renowned Barefoot dual opposing driver format to achieve uncompromising, extremely linear deep bass extension. Reaching down to 22 Hz, the sealed cabinet design is said to roll off at one-quarter the rate of ported subs, revealing deeper bass information with far better transient response. While ported subs lose damping and stability at subsonic frequencies, the MicroSUB’s damping actually increases. This 2-way mid-bass/sub system is also said to have precise extension up to 2 kHz, and offer a great deal of flexibility. As a dedicated LFE monitor, the MicroSUB can readily reveal unwanted high frequency content in channel 6. In satellite/subwoofer arrangements, a pair of MicroSUBs promises to seamlessly transform even tiny monitors into a powerful full-range system.

The Barefoot Sound MicroSUB is handcrafted in San Francisco and available at

Product information is available at Barefoot Sound’s Website.