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Vintage King Audio Launches Interactive Website

Vintage King Audio in Detroit announced that its Website now features an updated look and number of interactive features, including buyer’s guides, revamped forums and a section called “Hear the Gear.”

“Vintage King has always been committed to providing valuable advice for anyone purchasing professional studio equipment. Now our updated Website reflects that mentality, as well,” says Vintage King co-founder Andrew Nehra. “The ‘Hear the Gear’ section is revolutionary in the sense that it allows a client to virtually test out a piece of equipment, gauging the gear’s flexibility, tone and color through audio samples that were recorded by Vintage King engineers at The White Room in Detroit. A control sample is available in a WAV format to showcase a specific piece of gear for comparison, and the source and chains used in recording the samples are cited so the client can make a completely informed decision.”

Similarly, the company’s new Website offers buyer’s guides for all major gear categories, walking a novice buyer through the basics and adding an informed opinion for the experienced engineer. The site still allows for clients to browse by category and brand, but moves past the fundamentals with new pages like the “Producer’s Corner,” where industry professionals share insight on their favorite gear.

To try out Vintage King’s new interactive Website, visit