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Virtual Katy Introduces ‘VK Pay as You Go’ Program

Virtual Katy Development Ltd., a Digidesign development partner, announced its “VK Pay as You Go” program. The new payment model offers audio editors an option to “rent” VK Change Note Assistant (CNA) at a fraction of the MSRP, which can be helpful to audio post editors who have infrequent conform jobs or who bill VK conform projects directly to client sessions. The program is for VK CNA only and rental payments apply to the purchase of the VK CNA product.

A one-day rental costs $96, and the product can be rented for one week at $192. Virtual Katy also offers a 48-hour free trial period for the VK CNA product.

“The ‘VK Pay as You Go’ program is a direct result of VK customer requests,” says Lynn Ryan-Loeb, manager, VK Worldwide Sales. “Many of our customers walk into a project that needs VK CNA, and renting for that specific session is not only a lifesaver, but [also offers] a per-hour rate protection, as editors are focused on finishing the session and not manually piecing together the changes.”

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