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Virtual Rush Gaming Announces Games & Media Expo (GameX)

Virtual Rush Gaming, a group of game consumer and technology specialists based in Philadelphia, announces the Games & Media Expo (GameX) for October 23-25, 2009 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. GameX has partnered with WCAU-TV/NBC 10 in Philadelphia to host a high-profile games event drawing from local, regional and national audiences of game players, film and TV fans, comic book buffs and tech enthusiasts.

GameX is ramping up to be a high-visibility entertainment, tech and media show with games as its main attraction, along with pop culture elements such as advance film and TV screenings and trailers, celebrity guest appearances, high stakes game tournaments, robotics demonstrations, video art installations and much more.

GameX attendees, speakers, sponsors and VIPs will also have the opportunity to participate in the GameX Industry Summit, a 2-day game industry conference produced and presented by International Game Developers Association (IGDA) that offers executive panels and workshops for game professionals and students.

Exhibitors and sponsors, including major media and entertainment companies seeking to build their brands with the core games audience, will provide high-value content for consumers. To expand the content of GameX, specific NBC Universal brands and licenses are being developed as partners. NBC Local Media is supporting GameX with significant advertising, marketing efforts and celebrity guests.

“Not only is the East Coast primed for a large-scale games and pop culture event, but we have the advantage of offering the only major media-advertised consumer show in the country,” says Jennifer Halpin, executive vice president of GameX Show Production. “Add to this, we are working in a non-union venue, which enables exhibitors and other corporate participants to have a significant presence at a substantial costs savings in relation to similar-sized shows. GameX provides the perfect opportunity in this current economic period for publishers, retailers and dealers to have maximum customer exposure for minimum expense.”

NBC Universal’s Local Media outlet NBC 10 made key steps in 2008 to achieve market share with the game consumer community in the Northeast. More than 20,000 people turned out for a similar show in Philadelphia last fall, supported by NBC 10 with media and marketing.

“We know that the videogame marketplace presents a tremendous opportunity to connect with both a new audience and new advertisers,” says Dennis Bianchi, president and general manager of NBC 10 in Philadelphia. “We also know that our distribution assets—which include TV, online, mobile and digital out of home—can successfully draw a large and engaged crowd. We are looking forward to this year’s GameX Expo, and partnering with Virtual Rush to deliver a high quality gaming and lifestyle event for both marketers and consumers.”

For more details regarding the Games & Media Expo, contact Morgan Ogburn of ThemePark Studios at 512/916-9633 or [email protected].

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