VocalBooth.com Introduces Diamond Series Isolation Booths


VocalBooth.com, manufacturer of modular sound reduction enclosures, has released its 14 Carat Diamond Series. Named for its shape, the Diamond Series is a five-sided booth engineered to use the corner of a room. The five-sided design also creates non-parallel walls that help to reduce standing waves.

The new 14 Carat Series is the largest of the Diamond Series with the approximate volume of a 7x7-foot square room. As with all Diamond Series rooms, the 14 Carat comes in a single-wall as well as a more soundproof double-wall design. Booths are designed to be assembled and taken down as needed and offer a choice of colors, foams, fabrics, windows, wood floors and more. The 14 Carat series starts off at $7,595 (shipping included).

VocalBooth.com rooms are completely enclosed systems with active ventilation, lighting, windows and cable passage. Standard and custom sizes range from 4x4 feet up to 16x16 feet, with pricing starting at $2,799 (shipping included). Applications include recording, voice-over, broadcast, studio control, audio post-production, rehearsal and drum isolation.

For more information, visit www.vocalbooth.com.