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Voyage Audio Spatial Mic Launched

Voyage Audio has introduced the Spatial Mic, a 360-degree second order Ambisonics VR microphone sporting eight capsules.

Voyage Audio Spatial Mic
Voyage Audio Spatial Mic

Waldlaubersheim, Germany (February 16, 2022)—Voyage Audio has introduced the Spatial Mic, a 360-degree second order Ambisonics VR microphone that combines eight capsules with corresponding internal electronics and outputs its signals digitally via USB-C or ADAT. The microphone comes with a Spatial Mic Converter plug-in that allows for editing of microphone positions in post-production, allowing users to deliver either stereo or first or second order Ambisonics audio.

Intended for game developers and audio engineers that need to create immersive content, the Voyage Audio Spatial Mic offers an integrated amplifier that feeds headphones a virtual 3D signal to allow for optimizing the microphone position in the moment. That signal also provides a binaural live monitoring with Google Resonance HRTFs, qualifying it for direct transmissions via YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms.

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Every capsule is individually calibrated, and the microphone’s body also contains digitally controlled analog preamps, A/D converters and a 16-core DSP, allowing the microphone to be directly connected to the recording computer. The digital resolution available runs up to 96 kHz at 24 bits and can be transferred via USB-C. Both USB-C and ADAT can be used simultaneously.

The Voyage Audio Spatial Mic has an included ball joint, and is also compatible with Rycote InVision shock mounts; a wind screen is also included for outdoor recordings. Level, monitor volume and direct monitoring can be controlled with the front knob, with the LED ring visually representing the gain. When the microphone is set up in a hard-to-reach position, all its features can also be adjusted remotely via software. Remote Control even allows adjusting the direction of the mic from a computer. Power can be supplied via USB-C or micro USB, so standard power banks can be employed for this purpose.

The Voyage Audio Spatial Mic is available with an MSRP of $899.