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Voyager Sound Announces GraphMix 01

Voyager Sound Inc. (Weston, Ma.) introduced its GraphiMix 01TM, the first in a series of audio mix software products that enhances control of MIDI-compatible

Voyager Sound Inc. (Weston, Ma.) introduced its GraphiMix 01TM, thefirst in a series of audio mix software products that enhances controlof MIDI-compatible hardware, such as mix consoles, sequencers, PC soundcards, effects processors and more.

GraphiMix employs a user-definable onscreen “mix surface” with imageor text icons to represent individual sound elements. It uses theposition or state of the graphic icons to set controls such as gain,pan and effects. The relative positions of the icons can represent acollection of mixer control settings. Several controls can be changedsimultaneously by moving just one icon with a mouse.

As an enabling technology, GraphiMix allows hardware to provide muchmore functionality than the controls and menu screens supplied by themanufacturer. For example, GraphiMix 01 gives Yamaha ProMixTM 01and01VTM users access to the full power of Yamaha’s mixers toconstruct a mix aurally and visually, in stereo or multichannelsurround sound. Other consoles that can be adapted to GraphiMix includeBehringer, Mackie and Tascam.

GraphiMix products support Win95TM, Win98TM, Win NTTM, Win2000TM andWinXPTM. GraphiMix 01TM features include:

  • flexible audio mix control using graphic icons
  • supports multiple stereo and surround sound mixes at the sametime
  • full-feature presets with scene and state recall
  • user-definable control elements
  • drag-and-drop icon selection
  • ease-of-use features
  • mouse, keyboard and MIDI control of graphic icons
  • full-featured MIDI support
  • intuitive, easy-to-use file control
  • extensive Help menus
  • IBM-compatible

GraphiMix 01 is now available for $129.95 from the Voyager SoundWebsite. Those who license the software will be eligible for freeupdates to that product for one year.

Two free demonstrations can be obtained from the Website. For moreinformation, visit