Waves Audio Introduces H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer


Waves Audio announces its H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer plug-in (Native $200/TDM $300 MSRP; special intro price is Native $99/TDM $149) for mixing and mastering, featuring vintage and modern EQ inspired by the finest British and American consoles.

It includes seven different filter types per band: US Vintage, UK Vintage 1, UK Vintage 2, US Modern, UK Modern, Digital 1 and Digital 2, in addition to a newly-developed asymmetrical bell filter. An intuitive keyboard graphic lets users choose frequencies by clicking on notes, and an exclusive M/S Mode allows users to apply different EQ to Mid and Side content. Also featured is a flexible real-time frequency spectrum analyzer with multiple display options.

An Input Fader controls the signal input level. EQ Modes include Stereo/Linked, Dual/Unlinked, and M/S Mode, while EQ Filters include HP, LF, LMF, MF, HMF, HF and LP. Analog Type toggles between analog characteristic types, and Analog Level controls the level of the combined noise and hum. THD Level controls the level of harmonic distortion added to the signal. Keyboard lets users choose frequencies by clicking on notes.

Analyzer presents a real-time graphical display of the input signal, output signal or both, as well as the EQ curve. Analyzer In displays the input signal, post-input fader; Analyzer Out displays the output signal, post-output fader. L/M turns on the display of the left side only in Stereo mode, or the M in M/S mode. R/S turns on the display of the right side only in Stereo mode, or the S in M/S mode. Freeze stops the frequency graph, and Peak Hold stops the frequency graph at its highest peak point. Analyzer Scale displays the energy level measured by the analyzer, while EQ Scale displays the EQ curve being applied to the signal. Band Markers allow users to manipulate the EQ bands using the band markers. An output fader controls signal output level. A Phase control flips the phase of the signal by 180 degrees. Trim displays the maximum peak level of the output signal and its distance from 0 dBFS.

Waves H-EQ is also available at no additional charge to owners of Waves Mercury with current Waves Update Plan coverage.

Watch a video demo of the Waves H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer.

For more information, visit www.waves.com.