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Waves Audio Unveils Bass Rider Plug-In

Waves Audio unveils its Bass Rider plug-in for Mac and Windows (TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite/VST/AU), a companion to Waves’ Vocal Rider plug-in. The plug-in features up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution and both mono and stereo components.

Bass Rider promises perfect bass levels, without changing the natural sound of a bass instrument. Optimized especially for the frequency range and envelope characteristics of bass instruments, Bass Rider can be used with acoustic, synth or upright basses recorded DI or amplified, and so on.

Bass Rider is designed to keep bass levels in check and solid throughout a mix in both studio and live applications. Unlike a compressor, Bass Rider works note by note, without disturbing the note’s inner dynamics, so that they will sustain and decay naturally. Because Bass Rider keeps levels steady with automatic gain adjustment, users can focus on the feel and flow of their bass, and use compression if desired to add color and character.

A Target Energy Meter shows the energy of the input signal, while a Target Slider sets the desired bass level range and calibrates the Rider Fader “0” position. Sensitivity controls the note detector sensitivity, and Response controls the note detector response. Spill controls the amount of spill that the detector should ignore. Artifacts controls the note detector’s tolerance to artifacts. Max Range sets the upper boundary of the Rider Fader movement, and Min Range sets the lower boundary of the Rider Fader movement. Rider Fader is Bass Rider’s automatic fader control. The Output control trims the vocal output gain, post-auto riding. An Idle Arrow sets the Rider Fader value when there is no bass activity. Effective Range displays the total gain range available for automatic riding.

Waves Bass Rider is now available at a U.S. MSRP of Native $200/TDM $300. Waves is currently offering a special introductory price of Native $99/TDM $149. It is also available at no additional charge to owners of Waves Mercury with current Waves Update Plan coverage.

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