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Waves Audio WSG-Y16 Mini-YGDAI SoundGrid I/O Card

Waves Audio is now shipping the WSG-Y16 mini-YGDAI SoundGrid I/O card for Yamaha mixing consoles. Together with Waves SoundGrid Server (SGS), a Control PC, a network switch and an authorized iLok with SoundGrid-compatible Waves plug-ins, the WSG-Y16 enables Yamaha consoles to process 16 channels of audio with Waves plug-ins. Additionally, the WSG-Y16 supports MIDI input, for remote plug-in control directly from the console or external control surface.

The card is designed to widen the sonic capabilities of a Yamaha console to live sound engineers the opportunity to more accurately duplicate the sounds of hit studio recordings. It is also designed to give front-of-house engineers the ability to select from a wide palette of vintage outboard signal processing without having to haul racks of fragile classic gear.

Waves Audio SoundGrid technology gives users the ability to run large numbers of Waves’ audio processors with low latency, using standard PCs via Ethernet, which is said to surpass the specs of dedicated DSP-based platforms. Waves’ SoundGrid system takes advantage of the recent advances in both Ethernet and CPU technologies. With the introduction of the WSG-Y16 mini-YGDAI card for Yamaha consoles, Waves brings the networking and processing capabilities of SoundGrid functionality to the live sound realm.

WSG-Y16 supports 44.1-, 48-, 88.2- and 96kHz audio, offering 16-channel processing at 44.1/48 kHz and 8 channels at 88.2/96 kHz. Installing two cards allows for 32 channel processing. The card supports MIDI control directly from the console, offers redundancy and recovery support via SoundGrid and connects with other SoundGrid-enabled audio equipment.

SoundGrid provides a low latency platform for running Waves plug-ins and uses standard, off-the-shelf components such as computers, switches, servers and Ethernet cables.

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