Waves Introduces Sound Design Suite


Waves Audio introduces the Sound Design Suite ($3,200 TDM; $2,300 Native), offering more than 30 plug-ins for sound designers and post-production facilities. In developing this collection, Waves worked closely with sound designers Scott Martin Gershin (whose credits include the motion pictures Shrek, Braveheart, The Doors, and JFK) and Charles Deenen (whose credits include the videogames Need for Speed, and Fast and Furious).

Waves' Sound Design Suite offers conventional effects as well as creative sonic textures, with compression, EQ, pitch shifting, level maximization and more. Sound Design Suite includes C4 Multiband Compressor; DeEsser; Doppler; Doubler; Enigma; H-Comp; H-Delay; L1 Ultramaximizer; L2 Ultramaximizer; L3 Ultramaximizer; L3-LL Ultramaximizer; Linear Phase EQ; Linear Phase Multiband; LoAir; MetaFlanger; MondoMod; Morphoder; PAZ Analyzer; Q10 Equalizer; PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM only); Renaissance Axx; Renaissance Bass; Renaissance Compressor; Renaissance EQ; S1 Stereo Imager; SuperTap; SoundShifter; TransX; UltraPitch; and GTR3 (software only).

“These are the basic building blocks that all sound designers should have," says Martin Gershin. "A lot of times, when you bought packages, you also ended up getting plug-ins that were kind of interesting but not very applicable because they weren’t really focused on the needs of the sound designers. What I’m excited about is that now I can just go to a place I’m going to mix, or any other facility or rental company, and say, ‘Give me this Pro Tools system and make sure it has the Sound Design Suite on it.’ And that’s all I need to say, because I know that within the Sound Design Suite, it’s going to give me the building blocks.”

“Since Sound Designers are not rich folks like some of our music brothers, the most valuable plug-ins at a good price-point was key," says Deenen. "For the Sound Design Suite, we honed in what both Scott and I found to be the most useful plugs in the current Waves arsenal, at a reasonable price.”

For more information, visit www.waves.com.