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Waves Ships New Vocal Bundle

Now shipping, Waves’ new Vocal Bundle features recently released Tune and DeBreath plug-ins for pitch correction/transposition and breath sound removal, as well as the Renaissance Channel, Renaissance DeEsser and Doubler plug-ins. Owners of selected plug-in bundles covered by the Waves Update Plan will receive the new Tune LT plug-in for free.

Tune features surgical editing tools, formant correction and MIDI export, and allows users to audition changes with music at any time. Tune is powered by Propellerhead Software’s ReWire, so users have direct control and sync with the host system.

DeBreath (pictured) allows users to separate and remove unwanted breath sounds from vocal tracks, while maintaining a transparent response tailored to vocals.

Tune is available for $600 (MSRP), DeBreath is available for $350 and the Vocal Bundle is available for $1,000. All are in Native format and require the use of an iLok. Registered users of the Waves Update Plan who own eligible bundles will receive Tune LT at no charge. An upgrade to the full version of Tune is $300.

For more information, visit Waves online at