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Westlake Pro in North Hollywood to Host Product Demo for PreSonus, Audio-Technica on June 27

On Thursday, June 27, Westlake Pro Audio in North Hollywood will present the PreSonus ADL 700 and Audio-Technica AT5040 in a live demonstration, along with free gear giveaways worth $3,000. Special hosts Anthony DeMaria, president of ADL Labs and designer of the ADL 700, and Jim Odom, president of PreSonus, will demonstrate how the ADL 700 and AT5040 work as a system to handle live recordings of vocals, acoustic guitar, and bass, as well as discuss the importance of using a high-quality mic preamp with a high-quality microphone to capture music that is important to you.

For more detailed information, download a PDF of the event flyer or visit Westlake Pro’s Website.