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Wireless Products


BEYERDYNAMIC OPUS 900: The UHF system offers a range of interchangeable capsules. The DM 960 S and B capsules are fitted with the high-performing TG-X 60 dynamic hypercardioid capsule, while the DM 969 S is fitted with the Opus 69 dynamic supercardioid capsule. The EM 981 S has an electret condenser capsule and the CM 930 B features Beyerdynamic’s ultrafull-range true condenser capsule. AES booth #1102.

ELECTRO-VOICE REV: Electro-Voice’s REV wireless system offers an array of new features from its predecessor, the RE-1. REV’s optimized analog audio path was developed with Digital Audio Labs to provide the truest representation of a wired microphone sound possible in a wireless system. REV-Link™ PC software allows remote monitoring, control and programming over a CAN bus connection through an E-V UCC-1 converter or Netmax N8000.

SENNHEISER SK 5212: Lightweight and smaller than the 5012, the SK 5212 transmitter can interface with Sennheiser’s NET 1 Network System multichannel wireless hub. Operates with all of Sennheiser’s 3000 and 5000 Series components. Switching bandwidth of 36 MHz is freely selectable in the UHF range from 450 to 960 MHz. Can be set in 5kHz steps. A single AA battery powers six hours at its full 50mW output power. AES booth #402.