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Wireworks Showcases New Products at 2006 AES Show

Wireworks diGi8 Series

Wireworks unveiled new products at the 2006 AES convention in San Francisco last week. The company’s diGi8 Series components are designed to protect gear that uses DB-25 connectors from the wear and tear of the road. The components are built on the company’s G-Series connectors and are paired with top-quality, rugged, full-size AES/EBU cable.

The 8-channel cabling system is available with both analog and digital wiring, and supported by a variety of XLR and TRS combinations. It includes the diGi8 MiniStageBox, diGi8 Trunk cables, XLR and TRS Fanouts, MMBR rackmount adapters and adapters to DB-25 connections. All components use AES/EBU 110-ohm jacketed cable, and all connectors feature heavy-duty metal bodies with gold contacts for best results.

Wireworks AES/EBU Direct Cabling Assemblies

Wireworks also announced AES/EBU Direct Cabling Assemblies, which are constructed from durable components. The assemblies are available in 10-foot and 15-foot versions, with a variety of XLR connector combinations, including all-male, all-female, mixed connectors or TRS connectors. They include Tails/Tails, DB-25 Analog or Digital Fanouts and DB-25 Trunks supporting either analog or digital wiring standards. The assemblies use 110-ohm jacketed cable featuring Neutrik black/gold XLRs, TRS and DB-25 connectors with heavy-duty metal bodies, captive thumbscrews and gold contacts.

Wireworks MMB8D cabling system

The MMB8D cabling system is designed to interface DB-25 analog and digital connections to XLR connectors. It also offers AES/EBU 110-ohm jacketed cable combined with Neutrik black/gold connectors, and is available in various male/female combinations with either analog or digital wired DB-25 connectors mounted on the rear, or with a 4-foot tail for in-rack, direct connection. The MMB8D cabling system includes the MMB8D MiniStageBox (which can be used as a stand-alone interface or rackmounted unit) and MMLD8D MiniLineBox, D-B25 Trunks and the MMBR Rack Adaptor for the MMB8D and MMLB8D boxes. Additionally, Wireworks offers a line of companion DB-25 assemblies to facilitate installation.

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