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Word of Life Ministries Upgrades with QSC Audio

Word of Life Ministries’ main sanctuary features the QSC ILA Line Array

Word of Life Ministries, a non-denominational Christian church in Greensburg, Penn. (Western Pennsylvania), recently upgraded its campus-wide audio systems with a broad range of QSC Audio loudspeaker products, line array systems, amplifiers and controllers.

Stormrider Sound and Lighting Design Systems of Penn, Penn., designed and installed the new audio systems in the church’s main sanctuary, children’s classroom, and cafe and youth center, with installation assistance from Impact Audio of Pittsburgh. The new audio equipment includes QSC AcousticDesign Series and K Series loudspeakers, an ILA WideLine Series Line Array with ISIS Series WL subwoofers, as well as CX and PowerLight Series amplifiers. SC28 and system controllers manage DSP, control, monitoring and distribution.

The main sanctuary also features QSC PowerLight Amplifiers and QSC SC28 System Controller

The main sanctuary at Word of Life is covered by flown left and right arrays, each comprising eight ILA Line Array WL2082-i enclosures, configured with two ILA Series WL118-sw subwoofers positioned behind them. Three PowerLight PL380 amplifiers power the low- and mid-frequency units, with a PL340 powering the high-frequency components. An SC28 System Controller provides system optimization. Self-powered K10 two-way loudspeakers supply monitoring on the sanctuary’s stage platform.

According to Stormrider founder Stash Roberts, finding the right line array system for the room was critical due to its asymmetrical floor plan. “Everyone involved, including the church’s main decision-makers, selected the WideLine system for its coverage of the space following an on-site evaluation. We knew that because of the wide dispersion they’d be excellent for the room and offer more control,” he says.

QSC NAC-100 Network Audio Controller in the Wave Walker Village Children’s Classroom

The Wave Walker Village, a children’s classroom with bleacher seating and a village façade stage set, is outfitted with a pair of QSC AD-S82 loudspeakers located on either side of a giant screen. Three additional AD-S82s are integrated into the façade, along with an AD-S28Tw subwoofer. A second AD-S2Tw is located behind a grille in the wall, with CX Series amplifiers providing power to all the loudspeakers. The classroom’s loudspeakers and amplifiers are networked via and under the control of a wall-mounted QSC NAC-100 Network Audio Controller. “It’s so easy to use, even the kids can handle it,” Roberts says. “They can scroll through to the picture of the teacher on the touchscreen, select it, and the teacher’s mic is up and running.”

Word of Life Ministries’ café

Elsewhere on campus, the café features six AD-S82 speakers, affixed to the walls using QSC’s Intellidock intelligent mounting system. CX Series amplifiers provide power. “The system is designed for acoustic music acts,” explains Roberts. “There are also TVs in there, and they hold conferences and so forth.”

The youth center features a large stage flanked by two large screens

The youth center, which features a large stage flanked by two large screens, includes a pair of GP218-sw ground support subwoofers powered by PowerLight PL380 amplifiers, supplementing the main speaker system. PowerLight amplifiers additionally power the main flown arrays, with PLX2 Series amplifiers supplying power to the stage monitor speakers. A custom matrix switcher designed by Stormrider Sound routes the eight monitor channels to 16 available positions onstage.

Roberts adds that he chose QSC Audio for the company’s great customer service as much as for the exemplary sound quality and features of the products. “The resources that we have as a QSC customer are impeccable,” he says. “I can run plans by any of their design groups and they always reinforce what we are doing or suggest expandability options for our clients. I have always been able to get an answer from QSC whenever something is needed.”

For more information, visit QSC Audio and Stormrider Sound and Lighting Design Systems.