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WorxAudio Technologies Introduces TL.218SS Sub Bass System

WorxAudio Technologies introduces the TL.218SS Sub Bass System. Available in both powered ($8,080) and non-powered ($5,031) configurations, the TL.218SS—with dual TL1801SS 18-inch low-frequency (LF) transducers—is a subwoofer designed for applications that require maximum output with smooth, extended LF response. WorxAudio tailored the TL.218SS for live concert reproduction, high energy club installations, houses of worship, theme park effects and theaters.

Built to truck-pack dimensions for efficient transportation of multiple units, the TL.218SS is said to be an ideal choice for both touring sound reinforcement and permanent installations. The TL.218SS uses a tuned port enclosure built from tour-tested, 21-ply Baltic birch that is extensively braced for high cabinet rigidity. Combined with its 24mm-thick baffle, the 1-inch thick enclosure is coated with a weather-resistant, multi-layered, catalyzed polyurethane finish (available in a variety of colors to match the environment) designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Protecting the drivers is a 14-gauge, powder-coated, cloth-backed, perforated steel grille.

The system uses dual TL1801SS long excursion, high-output, 18-inch LF transducers. Each TL1801SS incorporates a high temperature, neodymium magnet surrounding an under hung, 4-inch diameter x 1.5-inch high voice coil encased in a low carbon steel structure that enables the aluminum cone to have extremely high excursion—more than two inches of peak to peak movement while staying in the gap 71-percent of the time without damage to the unit, according to WorxAudio. The company states that the TL1801SS woofer provides quick transient response, low power compression with high linearity and ultralow distortion.

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