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WSDG Completes Project for MTV Networks Latin America

The exterior of MTV Latin America Network Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The recently completed MTV Networks Latin America studio complex in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the focal point of a major international expansion by Viacom Inc. The 40,000-square-foot complex was designed as the creative production center for MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, and features a production/post-production hub created by the Walters-Storyk Design Group. The 18-month-long project was led by WSDG-LA, founding partner Sergio Molho and company co-principal John Storyk.

“Built within the footprint of a former motion picture production studio, MTV’s Latin America Studios represent a significant investment for Viacom, an important source of new jobs for the Buenos Aires creative community, and one of the most ambitious assignments of our 20-plus-year relationship with WSDG,” Molho says.

Leading Argentine post-production manager Adrian Costoya recommended WSDG-LA for the project. WSDG was tasked with developing 10 identical video post-production suites, designed to accommodate the full spectrum of MTV’s requirements, from design and production of animated promos and openers to audio and video editing of original and acquired material. The complex encompasses two television studios, a master control room, CMR and main server room, and 5.1 audio post suite and iso booth.

MTV Latin America Network Studios’ Pro Tools Audio Post Suite

“Sound isolation was a primary concern for the television studios,” Molho says. “To eliminate sound leakage the 2.000-square-foot Studio A and adjacent 600-square-foot Studio B were built with room-within-room/floating floor construction. This enables them to function simultaneously on separate projects ranging from an MTV Unplugged performance to a Nickelodeon show. Fortunately, our 3,000-plus studio design track record—which includes facilities for WNET, Food Network and many other broadcast and critical listening room clients—has fully prepared us for this task.”

In keeping with WSDG’s standard operating procedures, Molho engaged input from the firm’s entire 50-plus-member designer/engineering team. Drawings, technical information, lighting, HVAC and the full spectrum of systems integration issues were reviewed and resolved during an ongoing virtual collaboration between the South American, U.S. and European offices. Interior design was supervised by company art director/co-principal Silvia Molho. The technology featured in the MTV Buenos Aires complex includes Avid Pro Tools HD3, Genelec speakers and Focusrite preamps.

MTV Latin America Network Studios’ double-height entrance to production area

“We are fortunate to have built a deeply proficient team of experts throughout our international organization,” John Storyk says. “Today’s sophisticated communications technology enables us to collaborate with a high degree of efficiency. This flexibility was particularly advantageous on the MTV Latin America project, as parent company Viacom Inc. is committed to maintaining full compatibility with the ‘look and feel of MTV Network’s worldwide.’”

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